CDR launches non-metallic self-priming pumps

CDR Pumps has launched a range of non-metallic self-priming pumps, designed for handling toxic, corrosive and aggressive chemicals in applications such as tanker unloading and bund emptying.

The units are suitable for priming up to 6m of suction lift, with capacities from 1m3/hr to 40m3/hr.

The self-priming capability is achieved by adding the STN and ETN pumps, which also add magnetic drive couplings for total containment, and additionally the UCN-BL, which is a mechanical seal alternative.

Priming pot materials include polypropylene and PVC at this stage.

Ashley Fenn of CDR said: ‘Self-priming pumps that can safely handle chemical products are in short supply, with most alternatives being available only in metals.

‘When handling chemicals, of course, often these need to be in exotic alloys, which are very expensive.

‘Being a non-metallic pump, the majority of common acids can be safely handled by a true chemical process pump with the self-priming ability and we already have some interesting applications and field test results that we have trialled these units on.

‘One of our strengths is the delivery of heavy-duty equipment, and we will very soon be adding some of these pumps to our ex-stock catalogue of pumps to meet customer expectations,’ added Fenn.

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