SEH Technology Launches INU-100 Deviceserver in the UK

BRIGHTON, July 2017: SEH Technology, the UK subsidiary of German network technology specialists SEH Computertechnik GmbH, has announced the launch of the INU-100 Deviceserver for the UK market.

The INU-100 is designed to integrate non-network-ready USB devices in industrial environments, across TCP/IP networks. Once connected, dongles, mass storage devices, cameras and sensors can be used flexibly and independent of location, via remote access.

In the interest of reliability, the INU-100 can be connected to two power supplies and has an automatic configuration backup to microSD card. USB 3.0 ensures data transmission at future-proof top speeds. The device is mounted on a top-hat rail in a control cabinet, and can be accessed remotely for management and maintenance.

Application scenarios include:

  • Installation of sensor networks via TCP/IP linking (e.g. in industry 4.0 implementations)
  • Installation of camera-based monitoring and inspection with cost-effective USB cameras
  • Installation of distributed, dongle-based multi-factor security solutions
  • Integration of mass storage devices into production environment TCP/IP networks (e.g. for storing sensor data or videos locally)
  • Connecting a device to the relay to signal critical conditions (e.g. power supply or USB device failures)
  • Automatically turn connected devices on or off with SNMP traps

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