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Dimetix laser distance measurement sensors represent a cost effective solution not only at extreme temperatures such as -40°C, but also in harsh industrial environments. Built to exacting Swiss engineering standards their sturdy construction and pin point accuracy combine to deliver a range of market-leading solutions.


The EDS-C distance sensor is a simple and cost-effective solution that measures absolute distances up to 30 meters without contact. It measures, maintenance-free, distances on natural surfaces with a precision of ±3 mm. It can determine positions of objects that are difficult to access, that have very high surface temperatures or are in hostile environments. This makes it an ideal solution for assembly control, crane and conveyor monitoring, reel diameter gauging and silo level measuring among many other uses.

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The DLS-C distance measuring device is a mid-level solution that offers greater accuracy and is designed to measure absolute distances up to 150 meters without contact and with an accuracy of ±1.5 mm. It’s rugged construction and excellent reliability have proven its worth in a range of applications including field measuring, the steel industry, freight handling and precision manufacturing.

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The FLS-C sensor measures absolute distances up to 500 meters without contact and offers an accuracy of ±1 mm. It also provides quick position registration making it suitable for monitoring moving objects. Designed to be suitable for both, heavy industrial and outdoor applications, the FLS-C is constructed of a solid metal case and provides class IP65 environmental protection. Its extreme accuracy of long distances makes it a popular solution for surveying applications, lift and elevator positioning, storage technology and crane positioning.

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As with the FLS-C, the EX option offers superb accuracy but with the added benefit of ATEX rated protection making them ideally suited for extreme and hazardous environments. Their 500 meter reach and ±1 mm accuracy has been put to good use in areas such as offshore oil and gas exploration, the nuclear industry as well as within onshore gas production facilities.
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