Silicone X-Treme Tape

Capable of withstanding extremes in temperature, pressure and voltage, X-Treme Tape is a self-fusing insulating and repair wrap, which forms an air and water-tight stretch seal by sticking only to itself by means of a cross-linked polymer bond. The tape features the highest bond strength in the industry along with high tensile and dielectric strengths.

As no adhesive is involved in the fusing process, a strong, permanent air and watertight bond is created once the tape comes into contact with itself during application.

The lack of adhesive means that the bond strength does not weaken once applied, with tests indicating no deterioration in performance even five years after application, nor does it leave any messy residue when removed.


X-Treme Tape is used extensively as a permanent repair on leaking pipework or damaged electrical wires or cables, as an insulator for electrical connections, or as a clean and mess-free form of protection whilst maintenance work is carried out.

X-Treme Tape can be used indoors, outdoors or under water, and is resistant to UV and salt water, as well as many acids, fuels, oils, and solvents. Having an operating temperature range of -60oC to 260oC, X-Treme Tape is also a Class H insulator, with no loss of performance when used continuously at 180oC.


X-Treme Tape is developed and manufactured by Mocap Inc., at their manufacturing facility in Missouri. For customers in the UK and across Europe, stock is held at their European headquarters in Telford, Shropshire.

Further information about X-Treme Tape can be found by visiting or by calling Mocap on 01952 670247.

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