SiSTEM Technology

SiSTEM Technology has an impressive list of suppliers that can assist with the following production processes and controls, guaranteeing high precision over a wide range of operational conditions. Smart Sensing and Process Control – Additive Inkjet Printing – FFKM and FKM O-Rings/Seals – Mass Flow Meters & Controllers – Thermocouples – Vacuum Traps – Water & Chemical Heaters – Heat Exchangers.

Smart Sensing and Process Control – InControl

Offering turnkey automation and control solutions, you can benefit from InControl’s knowledge of working at manufacturing sites around the world, where they have already solved the issues you are facing – a true, predictive maintenance solution that will improve process capability, reduce product scrap and minimize equipment downtime. InControl specialises in equipment health monitoring, real-time embedded control systems and run-to-run process control.

Additive Inkjet Printing – Notion Systems

Ultra-high quality and accurate inkjet printers for printing Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) for smart packaging plus industrial & environmental monitoring as well RFID for tags & labels. Working closely with you on your project, Notion Systems will suggest the best inks and processes to produce optimum results.


FFKM and FKM O-Rings/Seals – Fluorez Technology

Fluorez Technology is a solution provider of flouroelastomers. They have years of experience in FFKM and FKM, producing high quality products for the food and chemical industries. An extensive range of products is readily available, with a customisation service available too.


Mass Flow Meters & Controllers – Line Tech

Offering a fantastic price-performance metric, Line Tech have developed their own proprietary technology, offering a range of high precision, reliable and stable products, capable of controlling up to 2,000 SLPM (N2 Base). They are now a leading manufacturer of MFCs in Korea and work with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) to develop and refine their products.


Thermocouples & Sensors – Vulcan Electric

Vulcan Electric have a reputation for solving complex electric heating and temperature measurement problems. Their engineering expertise and wide range of manufacturing capabilities allow them to deliver cost effective customised solutions. They are proud to be the chosen temperature specialist by many leading manufacturers, and the go-to-source whenever there is a need to solve a problem and then get the job done right and delivered on time.


Vacuum Traps – Mass-Vac

Mass-Vac’s focus is to provide the world’s finest vacuum inlet traps, exhaust traps and oil filtration systems. Products can be configured for many different installations, ranging from heavy particle applications to those producing condensable or organic vapours. If you process is demanding and your success critical then you need to choose Mass-Vac.


Water & Chemical Heaters – Process Technology

Offering high purity in-line and immersion solutions for the medical/biomedical industry, Process Technology take your toughest critical process and make it thermally possible. The Tytan™ brand represents the safest and most reliable industrial water heater on the market. Featuring a compact, self-contained heater and control package for ultra-fast heat up and superior temperature stability regardless of application, Tytan™ is available in sizes up to 144kW, wall-mounted up to 72kW. Installation is fast and easy, and the Tytan™ requires virtually no maintenance.


Chemical & Solvent Heat Exchangers – Process Technology

Our heat exchangers and heating and cooling coils are designed for the high demands of corrosive chemical and solvent heating. A wide variety of standard and custom configurations are available. Materials of construction include fluoropolymer, titanium, 316 stainless steel, plain steel, and several exotic metals such as Zirconium.

SiSTEM Technology
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