Size matters when it comes to CO2 gas sensing

If you’ve already had a sneak preview, you’ll know that we’re talking about our new CozIR LP CO2 sensor.

Not only is it our smallest sensor to date, it’s our lowest power sensor too. That makes it ideal for balancing performance and energy needs with aesthetic demands.  

You only need a ½ AA battery to power the CozIR LP – no need for large batteries or supercapacitors. That’s half the power consumption of the best-in-class competing CO2 sensors.

And because there’s no supercapacitor it takes up 40% less space than comparable sensors. It’s less than 8mm tall, so that’s small enough to fit in the most compact of wall-mounted devices or handheld units.

The CozIR LP takes 2 samples per second and only uses 6mJ per measurement. Plus, it only needs a peak pulse current of 33mA. Such ultra-low power consumption offers greater efficiencies and significant energy savings in your application.

Sound interesting?

You can find out more about our CozIR LP and complete range of CO2 sensors on the GSS website – We manufacture specialist sensors for different applications and CO2 concentrations.

We’ll be exhibiting at the Sensor + Test show in Nurnberg, Germany from 30 May to 1 June 2017. If you’re visiting then come along to Stand 1-634 and take a look for yourself.

Need to test the suitability for your project?

To order a sample of our CozIR LP, or any of our CO2 sensor range, please contact our technical team – / 01236 781900.

For a full product specification, you can download the datasheet here:

And if you’re after something a bit special, please chat to us about your requirements. Our team of engineers and physicists are experienced in bespoke design development, so do get in touch –

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