Smart energy monitoring technology for commercial and industrial applications

  • Smappee modular energy meter provides a cost effective solution for any metering situation.
  • Allows sub metering of supplies previously considered too expensive.
  • Adaptable, easy to install and configure Smappee is ideal as a standalone system or part of a larger energy management solution.

Low-cost, quick installation – ideal for multi-site customers

Thanks to its quick and easy installation and low maintenance costs, Smappee Infinity’s total cost of ownership compares favourable with other competing solutions.

Smappee CT Hub

The CT Hub is the main component of the monitoring system. You can connect up to 4 CTs or Rogowski coils to the CT Hub to measure different currents, ranging from 50A to 1,000A. Daisy chain up to 7 CT Hubs to measure different installations, up to a distance of 100 meters (109 yards).

Power Box

The Power Box is the heart of the monitoring system as it provides power to all components. It measures the line voltage of the different connected phases and transfers the data via the Smappee Bus. The Power Box is compatible for direct communications to Elcomponent data collection systems.

3 Genius Gateway

The Genius is the gateway between the monitoring system and the Smappee Cloud, ensuring secure data storage from different components. It also interacts with third party components, Smappee Gas & Water and Smappee Switch. The gateway can also provide control and additional communication options for special projects.


This comprehensive web based tool can be used for graphic and numerical analysis, to track data on a periodic basis (regular intervals: 5-minute, hourly, daily, monthly and yearly). Add the ‘Cards’ to visualize the data for each site according to your preference, easily compare results and export the required data as a .csv file, using the download button.

Mobile App

Our user-friendly consumer app is available for iOS and Android. It visualizes real-time energy data and graphs with historical overviews by day, week, month and year. Monitors can be added and configured via the App.

The Dashboard and App allows users to share data and devices and is ideal for centralised and local interrogation. The system comes with a 5 year data license so your on-going costs are low.

Smappee can also integrate with other systems directly via hardware or software API.

Our expert installation team can deploy Smappee for SME sites where previously this was cost prohibitive, and Smappee allows larger sites to meter at much more granular level than ever before  at a significantly lower cost.

Reduce the cost of sub metering by 30-40%

Smappee is compatible with Elcomponent metering systems meaning you can combine technologies without the need for hardware or software upgrades.

Compatible with MW2 Cloud Energy Management Platform

MW2 Cloud Energy Management Platform

For those clients who require a centralised energy management analytics system, the Smappee device can provide data to the Elcomponent MW2 platform. The cloud based platform provides enhanced analytic capabilities, automated reporting and alerts. The market leading platform can also integrate data from other conventional metering systems and work with other inputs such as air quality, status, environmental inputs etc.

Fully featured M&T software

  • Graphical analysis
  • Comparison analysis
  • M&V analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Virtual Meters
  • Automated Alerts
  • Custom Reports (automated and manual)
  • Standard Reports (automated and manual)

Graphical Analysis – including: consumption, ratios (ie: kWh/m2), different graph types, export to Excel, add to reports

Performance Tracking – tracking M&V projects or performance versus baselines, degree day, production or any other variable. RAG reports indicate savings  and wastage.

Automated Reporting allows custom or template reports to be created automatically and sent to multiple users via email.

Automated Alerts – can be fully configured to dispatch email alerts to multiple stakeholders including:

  • Null data – for tracking missing data
  • Threshold – for tracking consumption anomalies
  • Tunnel – for tracking changing consumption behaviour
  • Cost – tracking overspend

MW2 is a complete energy management solution that compliments Smappee and more conventional energy monitoring solutions.

Elcomponent – Making sense of your energy



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