Almatec® C-Series AODD Pumps

Almatec® C-Series AODD Pumps feature an industry-leading design engineered to be more a cost-effective alternative to similar plastic pumps. They offer increased bolt torque to improve pump safety when compared to competitive pumps. What further separates the C-Series is the incorporation of Almatec’s exclusive Perswing P® air control system, which offers superior efficiency to optimize production rates and lower energy costs.

Available in five pump sizes, C-Series pumps ensure the suction and discharge ports are available as separate housing parts with different footprints. This allows the C-Series to be easily matched to existing installations. C-Series pumps do not have any mechanical seals, drives or rotating parts that cause wear over time, which improves reliability and extends product life. C-Series pumps feature self-priming and dry run capabilities, critical considerations for most pumping applications.

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