SPX Seital Separation Technology Leaves Nothing to Chance

Seital Separation Technology, an SPX brand, provides leading equipment for liquid separation, clarification, recovery of solids, extraction and liquid concentration across many industries including chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology. To ensure equipment continues to work reliably and efficiently in these high value applications, its solutions are supported by a range of modern services and monitoring technology designed to increase availability, optimise maintenance and ensure nothing in the process is left to chance.

FRANKFURT, Germany, June 15-19, 2015 SPX supports its solutions throughout their lifetimes. To ensure maintenance costs are optimised and the risk of unexpected problems are minimised, it offers a range of services for use with its Seital brand systems.

For years SPX Seital Separation Technology has provided rapid troubleshooting through a remote monitoring system known as ‘Intcom’. The system is used to relay system information to SPX skilled service technicians so that any issues can be quickly analysed and downtime minimised. The popularity of this system has led SPX to produce “Intcom Light”, a new system which enables remote monitoring of Seital machinery on site as part of internal process systems.

The remote monitoring functionality provided by Intcom Light enables plant supervisors to keep track of a machine’s working hours, monitor its functionality and keep the process under control. The system provides clear, graphical visualisation of the process so any deviation can be quickly identified and rectified.

SPX also offers a new predictive maintenance service to monitor bearing health and vibration in Seital separators. The condition and performance of the bearings are continuously monitored by SPX so that customers can be immediately advised if they need replacing before any failure occurs. Monitoring vibration provides additional information about the machine relating to balancing of the bowl and motor; the effect of external vibration services, and whether any fixing screws have become loose.

Maintenance intervals will always remain time-based. The predictive maintenance removes unexpected failures and can allow time-based optimisation maintenance. It optimises service times based on specific machine operating hours and conditions. This lowers maintenance costs, reduces the risk if unexpected failures and maximises machine availability and productivity.

Alongside these technology based service systems, SPX also promotes the importance of service and scheduled maintenance on its equipment through its ‘PITSTOP’ campaign. Based on the idea that Pit Stops are an essential part of a Formula 1 race just as service intervals are for Seital series separators or clarifiers, the campaign is again targeted at reducing maintenance costs and maximising system availability. Customers can log on to the PITSTOP website (http://www.tradeshow.pitstop.seital.com/LanguageSelector/) to enter some basic information about their machine to evaluate the risk of breakdown. As well as protecting their production schedule, users of the system are also entered into a draw to win Formula 1 Grand Prix tickets.

SPX has a program of continual research and development in technology to ensure it continues to help its customers meet in the most demanding separation requirements. It also has a strategy to continually enhance its aftermarket services to ensure customers get the best from their investments throughout their lifetime. Intcom Light, predictive maintenance services and the PITSTOP campaign are just some examples of how SPX works to ensure systems are protected and efficient throughout the process journey.

About SPX:

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX Corporation (NYSE: SPW) is a global, multi-industry manufacturing leader with approximately $5 billion in annual revenue, operations in more than 35 countries and over 14,000 employees. The company’s highly-specialized, engineered products and technologies are concentrated in Flow Technology and energy infrastructure. Many of SPX’s innovative solutions are playing a role in helping to meet rising global demand for electricity and processed foods and beverages, particularly in emerging markets. The company’s products include food processing systems for the food and beverage industry, critical Flow components for oil and gas processing, power transformers for utility companies, and cooling systems for power plants. For more information, please visit www.spx.com.

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