Stourflex is proud to introduce Framo Secondary Steel Solutions

Here at Stourflex we appreciate the need for evolution in secondary steel support. Stourflex and our partners have identified current problems facing Secondary Steel solutions including,

  • Excessive waste by modification.
  • Weight is high performance is poor.
  • Logistics are outdated and inefficient.
  • A hot works facility is required.

Through extensive research, design and development a product has been developed to remove all these issues.

What is Framo?

A versatile, multi functional support system that offers maximum flexibility using a compact range of off-the-shelf components. It is made from a light weight, high quality steel, weighing form only 5.1kg per meter. The steel is connected with thread forming shake proof fasteners which are easily adjustable.

What are the benefits?

  • Products are reusable, reducing wastage.
  • Strong and light weight, reducing tonnage of required steel and saving space.
  • Non welded, reducing labour costs and helping with site safety.
  • Items available from stock giving minimal lead times.

And there’s more

Stourflex can produce designs to suit individual sites along with the associated static/volumetric calculations to complete a technical submittal. FRAMO will provide solutions for pipe, duct and cable containment support and the load bearings of chillers, AHU, generators and plant.

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