Supermarket shopping event highlights need for accuracy and reliability in weighing technology

The need for highly accurate and dependable weighing technology throughout the food industry will be the focus of HBM’s event, “Shopping at the Supermarket”, which is being held on Thursday, 26th June, at the Williams Conference Centre.

Every aspect of food production – from determining the amount of grain in silos through to ensuring the exact quantity of wine in a bottle – demands effective weighing solutions. HBM has a comprehensive range of products to meet every requirement whether the demand is for continuous operation in hostile and potentially explosive atmospheres through to very rapid packaging solutions.

The event will focus on a number of different applications using HBM products along with discussions on selecting and implementing the most suitable weighing technology. The main presentations will look at the key principles of weighing technology and, in addition, HBM will have a number of different products available. There will also be demonstrations such as displays highlighting filling and dosing equipment.

Suitable products for heavier applications include HBM’s HLCB2 load cells that have maximum capacities from 220 kg to 4.4 tonnes and are supplied with hermetic encapsulation in addition to their very high precision. Typical applications for HLCB2 load cells – available with either IP68 or IP69K degree of protection – are in food and pharmaceutical sectors such as in silo or container scales. Both of these areas require very high accuracy and, for hygienic reasons, the ability to withstand daily cleaning with high-pressure steam cleaners.

HBM’s WE2111 weighing indicator features modern Ethernet and USB interfaces to increase peak measurement accuracy and speed for users of industrial and truck scales as well as complying with all current legislation. The WE2111 meets all current guidelines, including the latest WELMEC requirements, directive 2009/23/EC and features a legal-for-trade data memory offering users additional security as it enables the legal traceability of scale values ensuring high-quality documentation. PW27C3_rgb

The importance of weighing accuracy in packaging is an important consideration. Applications can range from static – where not-legal-for-trade requirements apply – to dynamic uses that require different weighing technology solutions. Response speed may be critical in ensuring production lines operate at maximum efficiency. Equally, the hygiene constraints of the food and drink sectors demand additional considerations.

The load cell is a common device used for weighing and HBM manufactures a wide range of these, each with different characteristics that impact on their suitability for various applications. HBM’s FIT® digital load cells, for example, are used primarily in applications such as checkweighers, multi-station combination weighers, sorting plants, dynamic postal scales, and filling plants where speed and accuracy are critical.

Consumer concerns over hygiene has led to special constraints being applied to load cells used in the production of food, drinks and pharmaceuticals. To meet these demands HBM provides the PW27 platform load cell. This is the only load cell available in the world that conforms to the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) guidelines for equipment used in these applications.

This IP69-certified, aseptic load cell is hermetically sealed and designed to ensure effective cleaning of all surfaces while remaining insensitive to the harsh abrasive cleaning requirements of these industries. The PW27 can be easily integrated in multi-head combination weighers, weigh fillers and other filling, dosing and packaging systems used in the manufacture of food, beverages and pharmaceuticals.

The correct choice of load cell is critical to the operational performance of a packaging line and this information can be combined with other data to optimise production capabilities. These demanding specifications have been met in the PMX data acquisition and control system.

HBM’s PMX processes signals internally and supports industrial Ethernet technology to transfer these in real-time to an automation system. The PMX integrates seamlessly into modern processing plants when combined with the correct weighing technology solution from HBM.

HBM is setting new standards in terms of accuracy and functionality with its integrated weighing technology solutions with the “Shopping at the Supermarket” event being an ideal opportunity for end users to experience the latest trends.

The Williams Conference Centre is located on Station Road, Grove, Oxfordshire, OX12 0DQ. Individuals wishing to register for the event or wanting more information can click here for details.



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