Supplying Industry The Best Masking And Protecting Labels

For industrial masking labels look no further than the excellent products from Steier, the leading German manufacturer of die cut adhesive labels. Available from Somerset Solders Ltd we’d like to introduce you to just some of the products and their applications.

A supplier to the UK automotive industry, where a large range of the Steier products are used, powder coating for metal fabrication masking prior to paint spraying, wave soldering and surface mount electronic assembly processes, the Steier products are guaranteed to perform.

The No.1 Automotive label 3.5702.00
A die cut label manufactured from the Steierform fabric 87-60157, a grey single sided adhesive material that can be applied to diverse surfaces, resistant to plasticisers, paint solvents and oil fumes, can mask at temperatures to 180°C for up to 30 minutes.  Available as a 30 x 30mm label on rolls of 5000 off, the 3.5702.00 can be used for fixing and attaching other materials on to critical substrates, be written on and leaves no residues when removed. With outstanding ageing properties, this flexible material can also be torn by hand.

The Steierform 87-60157 special fabric is also available on rolls as a 30 x 15mm label (3.5703.00), 25mm diameter label (3.5700.00) and a 30mm diameter label (3.5701.00). Handy dispenser cartons of 1000 off labels are also available for quick and easy dispensing.


Steier label 3.5702.00                                                                           Steier 87-60157 label dispenser cartons

Transparent attachment foil for container transport labels

Manufactured from the Steierform 87-15816 material, this die cut label is a flexible PVC foil with strong adhesive backing and is a transparent product that tolerates wide temperature variants. It is an ideal product for attaching transport labels to containers in the automotive sector allowing reading of barcodes even when covered. Available on rolls of 5000 pieces in typical sizes of 30 x 15mm, 35 x 12mm and 30mm diameter.


Special Crepe Masking Labels

The Steierform 87-40132 is a smooth, cream coloured special paper with a single sided tough adhesive and is 0.33mm thick. Secure adhesion to any surface which is dry and grease / dust free, this product is temperature tolerant to 100°C. Applications such as masking flanges prior to spray painting, defining edges of masking areas in painting without paint creep, protection of holes and cavities against contamination in transport, storage and processing. These special crepe labels are available in sizes from diameters of 9mm to 120mm but can be supplied on uncut rolls or custom sizes.


For a product brochure, samples, quotations or further information on Steier industrial die cut products contact our sales office at Somerset Solders Ltd where we would be happy to assist.

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