TakeAIM – the smart solution for all workplace equipment inspections

January saw the launch of a brand new app from the multi-award winning Good to Go Safety team.

The TakeAIM app allows equipment inspections to be carried out digitally, using any Android or iOS/Apple device. Users can choose from an extensive list of checklists covering all industries, this ever growing list includes forklifts, fire equipment, vehicles, scaffolding, ladders, tractors and so much more. It also allows new checklists to be created and added quickly and easily.

The app checklist can also be used in conjunction with a QR code for ease of use.  Simply attach and register a unique QR code to each specific asset and the app will automatically open the correct checklist for completion when scanned by the device – a failsafe system which ensures data integrity and provides a reliable historical audit trail for each piece of equipment.

The checklist also allows inspectors to attach photos and annotations during their inspection to support their findings and provide important information should remedial action be required.

All completed checklists are automatically uploaded to the company dashboard which provides the opportunity to view, monitor and analyse all the audit findings in real time. The ability to spot trends and identify any missed inspections allows a company to plan preventative maintenance and minimise equipment downtime.

An unlimited number of users and assets can be set up and reminders sent if a scheduled inspection has been missed, giving management total visibility and control of equipment inspections.

The TakeAIM app delivers on many levels, helping companies with asset tracking/management; improving safety by ensuring equipment is safe to use; compliance with legislation (PUWER/LOLER); and reducing equipment downtime with planned preventative maintenance.

As an introductory offer interested parties are able to sign up to a free 7-day trial at https://takeaim.goodtogosafety.co.uk where they can discover the many features and benefits that the TakeAIM system provides.


Contact Details:

Web: https://takeaim.goodtogosafety.co.uk

Email: takeaim@goodtogosafety.co.uk

Tel: 01592 655 646

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