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Six Sigma Black Belt e-Learning course powered by e-Careers is the most efficient and effective way to become Six Sigma trained and certified.

This is the most recognised worldwide Sigma qualification on the market. Learn how to systematically enhance any business. Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification offers you a solution that would cut out time wasting as well as saving you and your company money! e-Careers is offering this invaluable course at the competitive price of £699 for all PECM subscribers, an absolutely massive saving of £2301! Guarantee success for yourself and your business in any circumstance.

Lean Six Sigma training will enable you to improve any business and convert their wasted effort into enormous profits. Learn how to strip a business back to its original core, identifying any abnormalities with pin point precision and relay the correct foundations for a more efficiently run future.

The course includes the professionally formatted in class manual and reference text and the fully certified lean Six Sigma Black Belt assessment.

Black Belts learn how to:

  • Improve a business
  • Demonstrate how and why Six Sigma can help a business
  • Understand and identify common implementation issues
  • Understand customer importance, in any industry
  • Analyse data correctly
  • Have the ability to train others in Six Sigma

H. J. Heinz Company Six Sigma Case Study

“Lean helps us get after the low hanging fruit, reduce all waste and optimize flow,” explains Thomas. “For example, on a yield improvement project, lean will help us optimize the waste hitting the floor while six sigma would help us optimize the fill heights in the product through our SPC process. If we are over-filling by half a gram of ketchup in every bottle, for instance, what is the statistical sampling we have to take to adjust it so that we are in control, while still maintaining our spec.?”

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