Harness the power of patent information with Minesoft

Drive innovation forward with Minesoft’s global patent information solutions

Research any Emerging Technology with PatBase Express – the world’s innovations revealed.

  • Patents contain technical information that is often never published anywhere else
  • Harness this vital information with PatBase Express, the searchable global patent database containing over 100 million patent documents
  • Easy-to-use search forms and intelligent Visualisation and Analytics tools let you access and understand the most up-to-date scientific research, new ideas and competitor information contained in patent documents throughout the organisation
  • Now fully optimised for mobile devices – search patents on the move, on your mobile or tablet

Take patent research beyond your desk with PatBase Express



Gain insights into your patent search results with PatBase Analytics – built in to PatBase Express at no additional cost

Sophisticated analysis software helps you to understand patent data:

  • Identify opportunities in your technology area
  • Recognise patterns in competitor patenting activity
  • Get an overview of trends in your industry

Rapid, in-depth analysis of tens of thousands of patent records, with a customisable analytics dashboard and clear, interactive charts and graphs for powerful insights.



Contact Minesoft now for a Demo and Free Trial of PatBase Express with PatBase Analytics – info@minesoft.com or 0208 404 0651.


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