JSP’s Press to check™ Calculator Shows the Huge Cost Savings of the Most Effective Mask on the Market

JSP has introduced a new calculator on its PressToCheck™ website presstocheck.com that quickly and easily illustrates the extent of the savings that can be made by using a reusable Force 8™ half-mask with PressToCheck™ P3 filters, compared to disposable masks.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds can be saved over a matter of months by using the system, which estimates replacing the filters every five days rather than after just one use. JSP invites you to visit www.presstocheck.com website to check for yourself.

Apart from the massive savings in costs, a Force 8™ half-mask with PressToCheck™ is far more effective than a disposable paper mask, since the unique system enables the wearer to determine whether a proper face fit has been achieved.

All that’s needed to use JSP’s PressToCheck™ are 3 simple steps:

  1. Fit – don the mask
  2. Press – squeeze the filters together to create a seal
  3. Check – inhale and feel the mask depress when an effective face fit is achieved, adjusting the mask if necessary.


No wonder PressToCheck™ won the BSIF Product Innovation Award 2014, since it has revolutionised daily face mask fit-checking. And now it can revolutionise your PPE budget, too.

To find out how much you can save on your face masks, apply for a free trial pack and watch PressToCheck™ in action, visit www.presstocheck.com

More information is available from www.presstocheck.com, or by emailing uksales@jsp.co.uk, or calling +44 (0)1993 826050.


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