The industrial engineering community deals with diverse challenges in many sectors. New developments and industrial trends in technology, economies and regulations can change the everyday and irregular challenges that engineers face as they work to make businesses, the environment, and everyone’s future prosperous and safe.

Engineers have transformed industries during booms and recessions; incorporated space-age developments to improve production; utilised cyber technology to benefit processing and management. EEMUA is a not-for-profit association that helps maintain and curate the combined experience of industrial engineering, and share that knowledge across generations, roles and tasks. By industry, for industry, EEMUA’s guidance, training and other practical tools aid the industrial engineering community to, efficiently and safely, plan and perform their work while satisfying regulatory requirements.

Practical, specialist guidance

Around the world, engineers are already tackling the issues of climate change, energy transitions and numerous other challenges by leveraging the wealth of transferrable know how built up over decades.

EEMUA’s resources are fundamental to engineers’ practical work in numerous tasks, roles and industrial sectors, including: managing pressure systems to subsea equipment; operating tank storage to ageing electrical plant; and managing environments containing potentially hazardous materials to control rooms, alarm systems and more. For instance, in the pressure systems area, EEMUA’s Mechanical Integrity Practitioner Certificate (MIPC®) course was developed to address industry’s demands for robust training and certification of people working on the primary containment of hazardous substances – through a blend of in-depth learning presented interactively by experts live online, so that engineers can stay where they are needed on-site or on-call; delivered in time-effective parts, sustained over a significant period to optimise learning.

Numerous resources

Live-online, e-learning, blended learning and in-house training options, task checklists, background information, and more are all based on practical guidance in: EEMUA 159 – Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks – a guide to inspection, maintenance and repair; EEMUA 186 – A Practitioner’s Handbook for potentially explosive atmospheres; EEMUA 191 – Alarm systems – a guide to design, management and procurement; EEMUA 201 – Control rooms: a guide to their specification, design, commissioning and operation; EEMUA 227 – Management of ageing electrical assets, and more. Regular webinars and seminars add to the interaction and sharing of the latest information. So, there are numerous ways that EEMUA’s practical resources support the industrial engineering community’s work. Please get in touch with the EEMUA team at to discuss how to put EEMUA’s resources to best use for you and your colleagues. +44 (0)20 7488 0801


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