The new horizontal cyclone from JACOB Pipework Systems, for reliable particle separation

Jacob UK Ltd is expanding its product range with the addition of a new cyclone variant. The horizontal cyclone, developed in cooperation with Lufttechnik Gransee GmbH, is a compact alternative for particle separation in special types of application. Compared to conventional cyclones, the horizontal cyclone takes up significantly less space, thanks to its small external dimensions.

The horizontal cyclone opens up possibilities for more intelligent design strategies when installing extraction equipment or spark traps in factory buildings. Instead of installing one large vertical cyclone for all the extraction equipment, for example, several well-positioned horizontal cyclones can be mounted in individual pipelines. This eliminates superfluous pipelines, and pipe system concepts can be optimised.

Possible applications as pre-filters

In view of increasing economic demands with regard to the environment and the associated service life of filter systems, the horizontal cyclone is also ideal as a compact pre-filter. Particles as small as 15 µm are separated out without any problems, which results in less wear on filter systems, and a longer service life.

Numerous sizes and finishes available

As standard, the Jacob Group manufactures horizontal cyclones with connection diameters from 80 to 800 mm for a volumetric flow of 360 to 36,200 m³/h at an air velocity of 20 m/s. The material thickness is 1.5 or 2.0 mm and the cyclones are available in powder-coated, galvanised or stainless steel versions. The stainless steel version of the cyclone is also used for applications in industries that have the highest quality requirements.

Customised planning and production

The way that cyclones work depends on the volumetric flow, the pressure loss, the material load and the particle size. To ensure optimum performance, the technical experts at Jacob examine the individual circumstances and provide support in making the right selection. Customisations can also be implemented according to individual customer requirements.

“Our extensive product range continues to expand to meet our customer requirements with the introduction of our horizontal cyclones”, says Kim Littleton, Managing Director of Jacob UK Ltd.

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