TLV – The Steam Specialists

Established in Japan in 1950, TLV has grown to become a world authority in steam engineering products and services. TLV now counts companies in 12 different countries and offers products through over 100 distributors worldwide.

Our Services:

  • Manufacturing of steam products
  • Consulting and Engineering Solutions

Our Policies:

  • Quality First
  • Incomparable Originality

Since its founding over a half century ago, TLV’s goal has been to produce dependable, long-lasting steam traps. One early outstanding success was the A3, a thermodynamic steam trap offering an amazing 10 times the durability of previous products.

Behind the A3 was the concept of the ‘Trouble Less Valve’, from which the company name originated. From this solid foundation, the line of products and services has expanded until now, more than 50 years later, TLV has become a Steam Specialist Company – a recognized leader in the steam-engineering field.

TLV maintains a level of craftsmanship that surpasses customer expectations. To achieve this, research and development does not imitate present and industry standard designs, but instead completely reengineers concepts and ideas. Driven to design and build only patented products, TLV has obtained over 3700 patents and utility models to date. This number is in and of itself a testament to originality.

Original ideas with technical ability

Original products are not created by a mere idea. A firm grasp of the needs involved, a precise understanding of the physical properties of fluids and metals under various conditions and the ability to combine the pieces of information, technology and materials are all required for original product design.

Development based on proof

Rather than the products, the first priority must be the creation of a test environment, so that the properties influencing the products can be fully understood. In development, definite proof holds the key to success. This is the stance of TLV’s research and development, which uses its own ISO certified test apparatus.

Partnerships for superior design

No matter how superior the vision, products must fill an industry need and be technologically viable to be successful. Working in a partnership with the customer to identify needs and find new solutions, as well as sharing TLV’s technical skill, helps produce superior products and assure customer satisfaction.

Consulting, Engineering, Service

TLV believes that true customer satisfaction can only be obtained by finding solutions to the various difficulties customers encounter in running their businesses and operating their plants. TLV consulting, engineering and service activities are designed to find the best solutions to increase productivity, maximize energy savings, improve quality and promote environmental conservation. CES activities are the embodiment of the complete customer satisfaction philosophy.

Engineering a better solution

Improved systems & new products

Optimizing the design and engineering of steam equipment systems to reduce production costs, increase automation, stabilize operations and improve the quality of goods produced. Communicating directly with the customer to improve existing TLV products and to aid in the development of new products and technologies inline with user needs.

Producing quality equipment you can trust

From casting to machining, assembly and more, TLV prides itself in having created a highly accurate, quality-driven production system. State-of-the-art machinery helps maintain outstanding levels of precision, while rigorous quality control ensures that equipment delivers the performance you need right from the start.

TLV has continuously worked towards improving the quality of its production system. Certifications of compliance with global standards were sought out and received as early as 1991 (ISO9001) for our centralized plant in Kakogawa, Japan. Also, the acquisition of ASME N certifications (2010) is a testimony of our dedication towards providing the best quality steam equipment available.

Contact Details:

TLV Euro Engineering UK Ltd
Star Lodge
Montpellier Drive
GL50 1TY

T:         01242 227223

F:         01242 223077

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