5Amp. UPS for 24V supply with RS interface for direct communication with your electronic control unit – With batteries all complete in one device –

The Accupack LDR40MH24-RS with charging regulators are used for buffering 24Volt systems.
The Accupack LDR is connected between the line voltage and the installation to provide DC to the equipment. In the event of a mains power failure, the “on board” sealed batteries supply the system connected to the outlet. The supply-duration depends on the load current of the consumer. The batteries can be easily replaced, if necessary at all.

To provide the needed power and in order to maintain a wide input voltage range, a switch-mode power-supply is built in. That means for AC an input voltage range from 85 to 270Volt and for DC an input voltage range from 120 to 400Volt. During mains operation the AC/DC converter supplies your equipment with power and additionally supplies the accumulator with optimal charging voltage in a way that under normal operation conditions the batteries are always properly charged. This modern power supply is designed in accordance to the relevant international regulations and works with high efficiency.
The output voltage follows hereby the battery voltage level. In any kind of operation, normal or emergency, the full load can be drawn from LDR40MH24-RS. For a limited period the peak-current could exceed the nominal current up to 50%. The output is short-circuit-proof and effectively protected against polarity failure.
Using the RS-232/ RS-485 interface status messages concerning input-voltage, temperature and accumulators can be received. The LDR can be also controlled by your electronic control units.
Special Advantages of the LDR40MH24-RS
– RS-232/ RS-485 interface
– No extra power-supply required
– Input voltage range: 85……270VAC
– Accus integrated
– Protection against total discharge
– High capacity cells
– Easy accumulator replacement
– Power factor correction (PFC)
– Safety acc. to VDE, EN. UL, CSA

website: www.feas.de


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