Toshiba Introduces Compact Photorelays with Improved Isolation Voltage of 3.75kV

Toshiba Electronics Europe has introduced two new halogen-free [1] photorelays, that guarantee minimum isolation voltage of 3750Vrms.  The TLP172AM and TLP172GM are housed in 4-pin SO6 packages that can operate at a maximum temperature of 110°C.


Both products can be used to replace mechanical relays and are suited to designs demanding high-performance switching, electrical isolation and extended temperature operation. Potential applications include factory automation, battery management systems (BMS), telecommunication equipment and the Internet of Things (IoT).


The photorelays utilise multi-chip technology and were developed as high specification, pin-compatible versions of Toshiba’s existing 2.54SOP package products, the TLP172A and TLP172G. A double-mould structure improves minimum voltage isolation to 3750Vrms against the 1500Vrms of existing products.


[1] Toshiba Corporation Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company defines halogen-free and antimony-free products as those meeting all of the following requirements: (a) containing bromine (Br) and chlorine (Cl) at no more than 900 parts per million (ppm) by weight for each element, and containing bromine and chlorine in an aggregate amount not exceeding 1500 ppm by weight; and (b) containing no more than 1000 ppm antimony (Sb) by weight. For the avoidance of doubt, Halogen-Free/Antimony-Free products may not be entirely free of bromine, chlorine, or antimony, and may contain other element of the halogen family.

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