TR Fastenings significantly invests in sheet metal portfolio.

Growing product range and enhanced online resources will benefit customer journey

As part of its ongoing commitment to further enhance customer experience, TR Fastenings (TR) has invested heavily in its range of fasteners for sheet metal. The company – a global specialist in the design, engineering, manufacture and distribution of high quality industrial fasteners – has extended its range of products, updated its sales brochures and increased the number of useful resources on its website, in a move designed to provide clients with more information and greater clarity.

For over 45 years, TR has been at the forefront of sheet metal fastener innovation, manufacture and distribution. Offering a wide range of products to suit a number of different applications and sectors, the company confidently delivers multiple solutions for a whole host of industry requirements. Whether a potential customer is looking to press, rivet or weld during manufacturing or assembly processes, TR’s product portfolio offers a range of options to fit every requirement.

Installation by pressing

TR Fastenings manufactures and distributes a wide spectrum of sheet metal fastening products that are pressed into pre-punched holes. These include the company’s own branded Hank® Self Clinch fasteners, Hank® Rivet Bushes, and K-Series® nuts.

Hank® Self Clinch Fasteners

Designed to offer a permanent female or male thread in sheet metal across a wide range of critical applications, the own-branded Hank® Self Clinch products come in a range of shapes and sizes, including threaded clinch studs, clinch nuts, standoffs, panel fasteners and pins. All have a high pull-out and torque tolerance and come in a wide variety of materials and plated finishes.

Hank® Rivet Bushes

TR’s comprehensive range of Hank® Rivet Bushes are designed to add load bearing female threads in thin sheet metal. Offering the best torsional and pull-out resistance, the range of rivet bush products include round, hexagon, standoffs, Mini round, Tank and Swage. The Hank® Rivet Bushes are manufactured in a variety of materials and finishes and only TR manufacture the genuine Hank® Rivet Bush.

K-Series® Nuts

The company’s K-Series® nuts are versatile products providing a strong and permanent female thread for sheet metal and some plastic applications too thin to be tapped by usual methods. The K-Series® standard and thin nuts can be installed using a standard press. Once fixed, they offer a strong fixing and permanent thread with a high prevailing torque and pull-out resistance.

Installation by riveting

Sheet metal blind rivets and blind rivet nuts are installed using manual, electric or pneumatic tools. They have several advantages over other sheet metal products, for example they can be assembled on or off site, with access required from one side only.

Blind Rivets

Blind rivets offer a fastening solution when access to the back or underside of the sheet metal is restricted. TR’s rivets for sheet metal provide a strong permanent joint and are suitable for use in many different types of applications. The range includes open, sealed, multi-grip, peel and grooved blind rivets, with many materials available as standard or application specific. The installation tool is used to draw the mandrel into the rivet, which expands the blind end and causes the end of the mandrel to snap off. Subsequently, the stem ejects to form a tight joint.

Blind Rivet Nuts

Available as reduced, flange head and countersunk types with either a knurled, plain or hexagon body, TR’s sheet metal rivet nuts offer strong female thread in blind applications and high push-out and torsional resistance.

Installation by Capacitor Discharge welding

Spot welding is an easy method of attaching sheet metal fastenings to fabrications. TR’s weld products are welded to sheet metal using an electric Capacitor Discharge (CD) gun. Access is required from one side only. Considerations when welding studs to sheet metal include the requirement of equipment for installation.

There are many different styles and types of weld products in the marketplace conforming to various international standards.

Weld Nuts

Installed using projection welding equipment, the company’s Weld Nuts provide a strong female thread and are suitable for thin sheet metal. All of the Weld Nuts are available in steel and stainless steel, in hexagon (DIN 929) or square (DIN 928) styles.

Weld Studs

The CD Weld Studs, installed using a CD gun, provide a strong male thread in thin sheet metal. Pin welding adheres the stud to the sheet metal without the requirement of a pre-punched hole. Weld studs are installed on one side of the metal fabrication and offer quick installation, high joint strength and a permanent fixing. TR has various sizes in stock, in a range of different materials, including aluminium, stainless steel and steel.

Specialist for several industries

TR supplies components to over 5,000 companies globally across a wide range of sectors. Every industry has specific needs in both product and quality requirements, which the company successfully meets through the extent of its portfolio and scope of its quality certification.


With the electronics sector evolving at such rapid pace, TR offers engineering expertise with specific knowledge of the challenges faced in the industry. It helps customers overcome assembly issues with its complete design and application-based service.

In addition, recognising the move towards smaller electronic products, TR manufactures a range of sheet metal fastenings from size M2, assisting its customers in producing smaller lighter products.


For decades TR has been supplying the HVAC industry sector with products that can be used in challenging applications, be it close-to-the-edge standoffs, concealed head products, or flush faced fastenings. TR considers itself as an expert in supplying the HVAC sector and has a host of associated products such as DIN and ISO screws to offer this specific industry sector.


TR recognises the wide variety of contract work that sheet metal subcontractors are involved with. In accordance with those requirements, TR stocks a comprehensive range of sheet metal fastenings to suit these varying applications and requirements.

Whether customers need sheet metal fastenings to press, rivet or weld during manufacturing or assembly, the TR product portfolio has evolved to meet specifications across a broad range of applications and different sheet metal industries.

Enhanced product information

To accompany this growing portfolio of products, TR has made a substantial investment in its website to further enrich the customer journey. The company has created a series of educational and informative videos to help clients better understand which of their innovative products are best suited to their exact requirements.

The helpful and explanatory animations – which also include product information and key considerations about each product – will reassure customers they are buying the correctly specified item. The videos will form part of a wider revamp of the sheet metal section of the website, including in-depth product specification and FAQs.

For more information on TR Fastenings and its portfolio of products, call 08454 811 800 or email

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