Universal video borescope for inspection of cavities

Borescopes enable quick and non-destructive visual inspections in cavities that are otherwise not accessible. Due to the various fields of application, there are many different devices with a wide range of features. The new video endoscope PCE-VE 800N4 from PCE Instruments with its small and powerful camera offers best conditions for a thorough inspection of cavities which are difficult to access.

The camera head which can be moved in four directions and has a diameter of only 2.8 millimetres can be easily inserted into existing cavities. The viewing direction of the camera can be continuously adjusted upwards or downwards and to the right or left using two rotary knobs. With its field of view of 80 degrees, the camera covers a large area the focal point of which can be adjusted between 5 and 50 millimetres via the adjustable focus. The images are transferred directly to the 5 inch monitor. The image brightness can be regulated in 9 steps by a separate key on the endoscope handle.

The images displayed on the monitor can be edited via the device menu and saved as images or videos, either with or without a time stamp. Due to the wide field of view, relatively large areas are displayed even at a short distance. The resolution is 400 x 400 pixels.

The new PCE-VE 800N4 is equipped with a 1.5 m long flexible endoscope cable and thus also allows continuous examination of larger cavities. As the camera cable has the high protection degree IP67, even damp and heavily soiled areas can be examined. The camera cable can be exposed to temperatures of up to 60 °C and the monitor can tolerate ambient temperatures of 0 to 40 °C.

With the two Li-Ion batteries, the inspection camera has an operating time of about 8 hours. When the battery level is no longer sufficient, the batteries can simply be replaced or recharged. Alternatively, the PCE-VE 800N4 can also be operated via the included mains adaptor.

Whether in development, quality assurance or service and maintenance – the new PCE-VE 800N4 from PCE Instruments allows a thorough visual inspection of all accessible areas. The endoscope is versatile not only in mechanical and vehicle engineering but also in the field of building technology. For example, building service installations and installation ducts can be inspected and the extent of water damage or pest infestation can be determined without having to open components over a large area. All examinations can also be documented with image and video recordings.

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