Menzel Great Britain – backing for customers during testing times.

During the recent lockdown period, Menzel Great Britain has served UK customers in emergencies, backed by a unique stock base from Menzel Elektromotoren, Berlin.

A challenging but rewarding time for Menzel GB, who over the last quarter have supported customers in need from all areas of the UK serving such varied industries as Cement, Mining, Water Industry, Petrochem, Steel, Landfill and Biomass Power.

Equipment supplied during lockdown range from a 21kw Slip ring motor to an 800kw ID Fan motor, to the largest machine supplied to the UK market, a 12MVA, 11kv, 4pole generator for steam turbine application delivered 14 days from PO including site modifications/testing.

We are honoured to have a growing customer base making Menzel Elektromotoren their supplier of choice and look forward to continuing support and growth throughout the rest of the year.

Frame MEBKGR355-04 600HP 3300Volts 1500rpm Sewage Aerator Drive

Contact info 01664 500844

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