Versatility for distinct monitoring solutions: The RTR-500 series

Along every step of the supply chain, wireless data loggers from T&D Corporation offer a flexible solution for multiple purposes. The Japanese market leader for wireless data logging systems presents the RTR-500 series, which includes 13 different types of loggers as well as four types of wireless base units, and a wireless portable data collector – all of which are incredibly easy to combine.

T&D Corporation designed the EN 12830-approved RTR-500 product family for various monitoring needs. It consists of dust and water-resistant wireless data loggers, devices for communication and error-free data collection, as well as inclusive cloud services and software. The small and robust data loggers are made for monitoring differing parameters, including temperature, humidity, CO2 content, luminance, UV, 4-20mA, voltage and pulse. Simultaneously, they monitor different temperature zones in various locations, with measurements automatically documented and stored. Base stations are available in GSM, USB, Ethernet (WLAN or LAN) versions, alongside mobile data collectors. Up to 100 data loggers can be connected to one base station, and repeaters can be used to strengthen data signals over distances longer than 150 metres.

The slogan “Let the cloud work for you” inspired T&D Corporation: With its measuring instruments, constant monitoring and documentation of HACCP, security is easier than ever, whether it is the cold chain during transportation, warehousing of sensitive goods or supervision of sales cabinets and refrigerators. As it is automatically updated, cloud computing makes data monitoring incredibly simple by overcoming time and distance issues, and is easy to share. The free of charge T&D cloud was established in 2010 and has since been developed to offer additional valuable features: The T&D WebStorage Service and appropriate apps enable unlimited and mobile access to current readings and saved records.

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