POWER CONTINUITY offers the complete UPS hire and UPS rental packages for emergency power protection. We include delivery, positioning, installation, commissioning, and on-going maintenance. Ready for action 24 hours a day.

Our UPS systems, whenever you need fast, temporary and flexible power protection in any emergency. We’ll protect your critical sysems when you really need it the most.

FACT- UPS Systems can FAIL

Any UPS system can fail. Electrical parts can fail. Batteries can fail. Due to age, lack of maintenance or catastrophic failure due to extraordinary circumstances. We always advise N+1 Resilient systems are installed. Our Temporary Hire systems range from N+1 to N+4 for extra resilience.

Failure is NOT an option –For peace of mind, Choose Power Continuity systems.

FACT- UPS Hire when you need it the most

UPS fail, when you least expect it. Bank Holidays, weekends, your busiest time of the year.

The worst time for distribution centres, data centres, warehouses, factories, and large office blocks anywhere in the UK. And then it happens.
Power Continuity can get you out of the disruption.

FACT- You can’t operate without UPS systems

Power Continuity provides TEMPORARY Critical Power Solutions for all mission critical business operations that require absolutely 100% Total NO Break Power uninterruptible power protection solutions, 24 hours a day.
Our emergency backup UPS SYSTEMS provide CLEAN power FOR SHORT AND LONG TERM HIRE.

FACT- UPS temporary systems outside your building

TEMPORARY Critical Power UPS Solutions are containerised to be located anywhere in mainland UK. ‘Walk inside’ containers with their own Air Conditioning , batteries and switchgear. Our engineers provide the cabling and installation to get your mission critical site up and running again in no time.

FACT- UPS temporary systems inside your building

UPS temporary solutions can be installed within your building. Access is important, hence ground floor is the best option. Alternatively, a goods lift that allows access to every floor will facilitate speedy installation.

Always check your floor loading as these UPS systems are heavy.

FACT- Rotary Fly Wheel UPS temporary systems – Hire & Rental

Power Continuity have the largest Rotary Fly UPS temporary solutions in the UK. Ready to be deployed for long term and short term rental.
No batteries. The latest Kinetic Fossil Free Power Storage to rent.


All Power Continuity temporary installations are automatically activated in the event of a GRID failure providing seamless emergency power to ensure your operations continue without any power disruption. 100% No Break in power.

Rapid deployment prevents further damage to your equipment caused by UPS failure, and we get you up and running again, Backed up by our temporary site generators to ensure your rental system can operate seamlessly for, hours and even days on end.
Uninterruptible NO Break Power Protection in an emergency situation.

Emergency UPS Power systems – Installed at short notice by PowerContinuity engineers.  On call 24 hours a day. We answer your call. We respond 24/7


We are Power Continuity

Call us on 0845 055 8455 We’re here to help 24/7

All our temporary UPS system are subject to availability

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