VapourView® Wins Innovation Accolade

VapourView® from HMD Kontro Sealless Pumps won a prestigious accolade for innovation at the British Pump Industry Awards 2017. Defying stiff competition, VapourView®, the company’s revolutionary sealless pump condition monitoring instrument, won the coveted award for Technical Innovation of the Year (Product).

Martin Stuart, New Products Development Manager, was delighted to collect the award on behalf of HMD Kontro Sealless Pumps at the ceremony: “Whilst our technical team foresaw that the development of VapourView® would broaden the scope of sealless pump technology, we did not envisage the honour of winning this internationally renowned award for innovation.

“Gaining such a prestigious accolade has confirmed VapourView® as a ground-breaking gas detection device. We look forward to further introducing sealless magnetic drive pumps to new audiences who can now benefit from lower maintenance costs, enhanced health and environmental safety, leak-free operation and long life durability.”

Developed by HMD Kontro and launched with cUL harzardous area certification in mid-2016, VapourView® provides vital information to the end-user on the presence of gas in a pump’s internal flow regime and forewarns of adverse conditions likely to affect bearing lubrication or magnetic coupling cooling in a sealless magnetic drive pump.

Non-invasive, VapourView®, provides a real time ‘window’ on the pumped medium, signalling any significant gas content in the liquid. This information permits remedial system changes to be made, eliminating safety risk, maximising up-time and extending the life of capital equipment.

For further details about VapourView® and the HMD Kontro sealless pump range, please visit or contact one of HMD’s distributors in the UK: or

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