Enhanced capabilities with Vision Engineering’s latest Swift PRO video measuring systems

Swift PRO is a powerful yet easy & simple to operate range of non-contact measuring systems. Combining the latest optical and video measurement technologies, the Swift PRO is the right tool for a broad range of applications from electronics and aerospace to plastic and medical parts manufacturing where reporting and quality control is in demand.

Thanks to its design, fast & accurate 3-axis measurement, and user friendly interface the Swift PRO provides shop floor operators with quick and easy way of measuring components and reporting. With simplicity at its core the system can be used by shift workers or advanced users requiring only a minimal training. This decrease significantly staff costs and reduces operator errors.

Swift PRO feature-rich software is easy to learn and operate, providing instant profile and surface measurement, advanced reporting and basic system control. Previously difficult to view samples can be measured more accurately with a new HD video camera with Video Edge Detection (VED), and fully dimmable stage illumination. Measuring stages, 200mm x 100mm and 150mm x 100mm, provide up to 5μm accuracy and come with a choice of either robust QC3000 controller/microprocessor or easy to use PC software offering flexibility and small footprints.


Swift PRO Duo 

Swift PRO Duo is the only video measuring system to incorporate an ergonomic measuring microscope. Combined video & microscope technologies allows for seamless switching between video and microscope measurement. The patented optical viewer offers high resolution surface inspection.

Swift PRO Cam  

Swift PRO Cam is the perfect entry-level video measuring and inspection system. With its HD video camera and large measuring stage the Swift PRO Cam the system operator can simply “place & measure” a wide range of precision parts.

Swift PRO Elite  

Swift PRO Elite is a simple optical measuring microscope providing accurate measurement even for notorious difficult subjects such as black or transparent plastics. Patented optical viewer (head) clearly defines edges and offers superb resolution and true-colour images. Swift PRO Elite employs a high stability stand with a precision engineered bearing assembly to optimise X, Y measurements at different plane heights.

Outstanding ergonomics with eyepiece-less technology  

The new Swift PRO Duo and Elite incorporates patented Dynascope® technology. This technology removes the need for conventional microscope eyepieces, offering the user a superior image of the subject and allows operators to take accurate measurements whilst wearing prescriptive glasses, safety goggles and contact lenses. Other technology benefits include a large field of view and peripheral vision.

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