Wasted opportunity

The reliability of your plant machinery has a significant impact on the performance of your plant. There is so much you could be doing that will add profit to your bottom line (and improve safety). It is not uncommon for plant managers, production managers, and most other people to assume that equipment breakdowns, poor performance (minor stoppages and lower production rates), the length of shutdowns, and the equipment’s impact on quality are just “normal”; it is the “nature of the beast”.

Well, that is not true.

See the future

There are technologies that enable you to see problems coming. With the rights skills, tools, leadership, and strategy, you can manage the reliability of your equipment; schedule repair and restoration work when it is most convenient.

Change the future

Changing the design, procurement, spares and work management, maintenance, and operating practices will improve the reliability of your equipment.

None of this is rocket science. Following, a structured process, with minimal investment relative to the benefits, you can reduce waste, reduce costs, and increase production output. Our Asset Reliability Transformation guide will lead you through the process.

You can learn more, without cost, at www.reliabilityconnect.com and www.cbmconnect.com. We also offer conferences and training courses with accredited certification: www.mobiusinstitute.com. We have training centers in 60 countries in 20 languages.

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