The first webinar will take place on June 27th 2017 at 9am (GMT) on the topic ‘Everything you should know about Aircraft Structural Testing’.  As airframe structures must be thoroughly tested to ensure top performance through its operational life, this webinar is suitable for structural engineers who are working on the development of modern aircraft.

Split into comprehensive categories, this webinar will start with looking at some of the reasons and common drivers behind aircraft structural testing and will move on to high-channel count testing and finally will then look at typical requirements of the testing engineers and a sketch of the workflow.

Exclusively offered by the HBM academy, How to cope with growing demands regarding filling, dosing, check weighing and packaging technology’, will take place on June 28th 2017 at 9am (GMT).

This webinar is all about weigh filling.  Confronted with the demand for ever increasing precision and higher speeds for packaging – often with the expectations of reduced costs – this webinar looks at the advantages which can be achieved in comparison to other filling technologies, such as accuracy, which could result in costly over filling of products, speed and the prevention of contamination etc.

Our third webinar in the series, takes place on June 29th 2017 at 9 am (GMT), ‘Measuring in 3 dimensions: Why you should consider choosing a multi-axis sensor as a space-saving alternative for your application? looks at the working principle of multi axis sensors and discusses the benefits.

The webinar will also discuss the impact of cross-talk, which is an unwanted and inherent phenomenon which occurs when one axis of a sensor is stressed with a single load.  Dirk Möller, Head of Product Management – Industrial Measurement Solutions at HBM offers practical guidance and explains how to minimise cross-talk effects, which can have a negative impact on measuring results.

When it comes to deciding which force sensor is the right one for your application, HBM’s final webinar in the series will be of interest ‘Piezoelectric or Strain Gauge Technology webinar’, takes place on June 30th at 9 a.m (G.M.T)

With many different sensing technologies and the endless variety of products available in the market, finding the right sensor for your application can often be a daunting task.  With piezoelectric and strain gauge technology being two of the measuring principles most commonly used in force measurement technology, this webinar will explain the functional principle of both types of sensors and advise on what technology is more suitable to the task at hand.

All HBM webinars are free of charge.  However, spaces are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis.  Please reserve your space by booking at

For further information, contact HBM on +44 (0) 20 8515 6000 or via email: or visit the HBM website at

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