Weber’s Latest High Speed Logistics Systems Print, Apply & Verify On-The-Fly

The UK’s warehousing, distribution and logistics sectors continue to expand to meet increasing demand from traditional and on-line retail sales. This has in turn placed an even greater emphasis on increasing flexibility and efficiency within the product, package and pallet labelling systems that are an essential part of the logistics process. Weber’s latest range of systems are designed to print, apply and verify with the speed, flexibility and reliability needed to keep pace with the ever increasing requirements of these sectors.

There is little doubt that the humble label is a crucial element in the manufacturing and logistics chain. Whilst we the consumer, take little notice of this small and unassuming piece of paper, without it being properly applied and the correct information being printed to it, our eagerly awaited package or parcel would probably never arrive.

With over 80 years of experience in labels and labelling Weber has become recognised as a market leader and the companies latest systems, targeted at pallet and package labelling serve to reinforce this reputation. The company’s new LA4050P pallet labeller, with its modular construction, is ideally suited to continuous pallet labelling in a high volume environment. The system is designed to apply labels to two adjacent sides of a pallet whilst the pallet is on the move. Depending on application, throughput of up to 7 pallets per minute can be achieved. Just prior to the label being dispensed, any variable data or barcodes are clearly and legibly printed to the label. An optional integrated scanning system allows a final check on the legibility of the label, as it is being printed and prior to application. An automatic door is also incorporated as a safeguard.

(Weber’s LA4050 range is designed to meet the demands of high volume pallet labelling and cater for height variation if required)

For applications where greater flexibility is required, Weber’s LA4050 HVE version provides the capability to deal with varying heights. This is achieved using an AC motor drive to raise or lower the system, at speeds of between 150 and 250 mm/second, to the required position for the pallet being presented.

Variable Height Labelling On-The-Fly

The growth of on-line shopping means logistics companies must deal with an ever-increasing range of package and box sizes to cater for the wide variety of products, which we order. Each of these different packages requires a label to be printed and applied and invariably each package will often be different in height from the previous one.

Weber’s LA4050 Parcel Line system caters for these variations which can range from “Jiffy” bags to boxes by sensing the product as it approaches the labelling system and adjusting the application height accordingly. Capable of printing and applying up to 80 labels per minute on the fly, the system has been designed for continuous 24/7 operation within a busy logistics environment. Mounted to a gantry, the system can also be automatically moved to the side of the line for replenishment or maintenance purposes when required.

(Weber’s LA4050 Parcel Line system can cater for a wide variation in package sizes)

Weber Packaging Solutions offer a complete range of hardware, software, materials and expertise to meet the exacting printing and labelling standards required by the warehousing, distribution and logistics sector. Many blue chip companies are currently using Weber technology, with each solution precision engineered to address a specific application, yet flexible enough to cater for future requirements.

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