Webinar: Event Prediction And Mitigation With A Leading Producer Of Plastics And Chemicals

Process Plant Computing Limited (PPCL), a research and technology development company, will host a free webinar on 12th November 2015 featuring one of our customers, a global producer of plastics and chemicals.

Attendees will learn how our customer applied PPCL’s innovative no-maths geometric process modelling products to accurately predict events and faults on an ethane cracking furnace. The result is significantly reduced downtime that has improved plant performance and profitability.  

The webinar will be delivered by one of their Principal Application Engineers, based on practical experience with PPCL software. In contrast to Principal Component Analysis and similar techniques, PPCL’s geometric process modelling tools uses a geometric approach, where the user builds models from historic data visually, requiring very little maths. Instead, the software internally takes care of the computations, determining a geometric model of the boundary of normal operation. This approach has proven very sensitive at detecting deviations such as faults and developing process disturbances. CPM displays key information directly to the console operator, aiding his understanding of the situation and helping him take targeted action.

Three live webinars with question sessions are offered on 12th November 2015 at 2pm GMT and 11pm GMT and on 13th November 2015 at 4am GMT.

To book a space, please go to www.ppcl.com or contact ashna_sharma@ppcl.com.


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