When was the last time you had your filtration equipment serviced?

Stella-Meta is a long standing, highly skilled supplier of spares and servicing for Stellar and Meta filtration systems which incorporate Metafilters.  These are pressure pre-coat filters with candle elements which are designed to provide rigid and robust support for the filter media.  They comprise a core of specialist Meta candles which include the highly toleranced Metarings.

Made from stainless steel, these candles have no moving parts, making them particularly hardy and able to last a very long time.  Their outstanding reliability and performance over a long operational life means that there are many installations still providing a valuable filtration service today, within a wide cross section of manufacturing industries.

The longevity of these installations means that they are often capably performing long after the engineers responsible for their operation and maintenance have left the working environment.  The result is that the valuable knowledge and experience relating to these systems has been lost.

In such situations, Stella-Meta’s knowledge and experience together with a comprehensive spares inventory, servicing skills and training package can help to improve the performance of these filters for many years to come.  For example, correct cleaning will remove residue that can affect filter bed creation and stability – ultimately reducing the quality of the filter output. During the cleaning process any problems of Metaring orientation, candle tensioning, damaged candles or the use of an incorrect pump flow rate will be identified and addressed.

Other examples of filter issues resolved by Stella-Meta’s engineers include the over use of filter media; turbulence in formation of the filter bed; damaged, poorly maintained or missing candles; and the use of incorrect replacement parts.  Non-genuine parts can often lead to filter failure/reduced output.

Onsite training can be provided during the service visit to ensure that correct maintenance and usage continue long after the engineer has left.  The specialist equipment required to provide a complete service of the candles, as used by the engineer, is also available for purchase – as well as full training in its use.

Among the organisations to recently enjoy significant benefits as a result of Meta filter servicing is Britain’s oldest brewer, Shepherd Neame.  The comprehensive and efficient filtration service performed by Stella-Meta at the company’s brewery at Faversham in Kent has delivered sparkling results, showing a major improvement in production throughput. Regular servicing will also help maintain beer and filtrate quality, and reduce unplanned maintenance costs.

For more information on the range of servicing packages available from Stella-Meta

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