Waste managers Cleansing Service Group (CSG) have announced a £1 million infrastructure improvement investment programme at the UK’s largest hazardous waste treatment and recovery facility at Cadishead, near Manchester.

The 16-acre site, a key component in CSG’s national facilities portfolio, has been in use for 95 years and began life as home to the Lancashire Tar Distillery.It was first used as a waste management facility in 1980 under the banner of Lanstar Wimpey Waste, later Lanstar Ltd, which became part of the privately-owned Hampshire-based Cleansing Service Group more than a decade ago. CSG have developed the site in that time and it now boasts the most diverse PPC Permit for hazardous waste treatment in the UK.

CSG’s research and development team have pioneered a range of award-winning bespoke processes at Cadishead, some of them unique to the site, including the treatment of aqueous cyanide, the recovery of electroless nickel, and the processing of the problematic waste stream tanalised timber.

Site manager Jen Cartmell said: “We intend to continue to pioneer the development and adaptation of processing technology at the site to meet the changing needs of our customers. But some of the existing infrastructure is coming to the end of its usefulness and growing a business with aged infrastructure is a challenge.

“Our aim is to operate a site in which all operations and facilities are meeting Best Available Technology (BAT) standards. We’re almost there, but there’s more to do and we intend to overhaul key parts of the site which do not now meet the standards we’ve set for ourselves.”

Planned works have already begun with the removal of a huge effluent storage tank. A range of other aged tanks are also being deconstructed and replaced. Other improvements in the pipeline include bunding upgrades, new instrumentation and drainage system renewals.

Said Jen Cartmell: “Cadishead is now CSG’s flagship facility and it’s making a substantial contribution to the company’s financial success. We recognise that further investment is needed to put in place the sustainable facilities we’re going to need to grow the business further in the future when waste managers will be called upon to meet new environmental challenges.”

Picture shows the Cadishead treatment and recovery facility.

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CSG's Cadishead facility

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