5 questions to consider when managing Lockout/Tagout

One of the biggest challenges to successfully implement & maintain Lockout/Tagout is a heavy load in preparation; energy points need to be identified, airtight procedures need to be written, approved, managed and communicated, and employees need training.

Brady Safety Services solve all of these challenges in a collaborative customer support offer.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have centrally managed organisation wide standard procedures for lockout/tagout?
  2. Can you see which LOTO tools your individual machine-specific procedures require?
  3. Are your LOTO procedures visually enhanced for maximum safety and efficiency on the workfloor?
  4. Do you have a clear approval status overview for your LOTO procedures from creation to audit, including an activity log?
  5. Can you quickly roll out new LOTO procedures, even across multiple locations?

The Brady LINK360 Lockout/Tagout Management Software is the answer to all these questions.

Get your 1 month free trial now and take your LOTO programme to the next level.

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