CNC Applications

CamLink is a PC based application that brings the look and feel of your Mazatrol control to your desktop. CamLink has been designed by Mazak users, for Mazak users, so that anyone who knows how to operate and program a Mazatrol control, can very easily use this offline programming system, to increase your companies efficiency. CamLink has been in existence for over 25 years, so it is fully compatible with the majority of Mazatrol systems including: M+, T+, 640 M/T/MT, Nexus, Fusion, Smart.
CNC Applications Ltd are pleased to announce their new partnership with Griffo Brothers Inc to distribute and support their CamLink product in the UK. CamLink gives users of Mazak Mazatrol not only the ability to download and save their machine programs to a PC, but also view, edit and even create new offline programs in a Mazatrol format.
CamLink is broken down into modules:

DataPrint – Upload, download and view Mazatrol Programs.

DataEntry – Create and edit Maztrol programs. Simulate the generated program, step-by-step.

GeoEntry – Generate Mazatrol programs from CAD drawings.

GeoSolid – Integrates CamLink into SOLIDWORKS™ to generate Mazatrol programs.

Translate – Translate programs between different generations of Mazatrol.

CamLink is developed by Griffo Bros Inc, who themselves have a factory full of Mazak machinery. They could not find a product in the market that met the demands of their production environment, so they developed what is now CamLink. This is why we say “For Mazak Users, by Mazak Users”.
How many hours of production could you save by not having to take your Mazak machine out of production to write a Mazatrol program on the machine?



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