5S Plus Guide: Best Practices For A Leaner And Safer Workplace

How much does safety mean to you? Get up-to-speed on how you can reduce waste, improve productivity & improve employee knowledge. See examples of just what you can do with the power of 5S Plus.

Did you know that people gain 75% of their knowledge from visuals? That’s why employees need effective workplace signs and labels that enhance training and make their jobs easier. An effective visual instructs an employee on what procedural and safety information is appropriate, when and where they need to know it. 

Meet 5S Plus Safety

While 5S is one of the most widely adopted techniques from the lean manufacturing toolbox, “5S Plus” goes a step further to emphasise a critical aspect of any workplace: Safety. That way you benefit from a workplace that is both efficient and safe.

Now, let’s explain more about the famous 5S’s. These are essential elements in establishing the operational stability you need to both make and sustain continuous improvement. The point is to create a clean, orderly and safe environment – where there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. And once you have that, 5S helps you reduce unnecessary waste and establish the framework and discipline needed to maintain and continually improve your workplace.

Let’s Get to Know “5S Plus Safety”:

Sort – Eliminate non-essential items by going through all of the tools and materials in your facility and discarding unused items.

Shine – Get the workplace clean, maintain its appearance and use preventative measures to keep it clean.

Set in Order – Focus on organising equipment, establishing safety measures, and creating procedures, product quality standards, and effective inventory and material handling.

Standardise – Make the improved workplace a standard by creating best practices.

Sustain – Maintain momentum, ensure employees know the importance of workplace organisation, and strive to continuous improvement.

Plus Safety – Make the workplace safer by looking for any potential hazards and resolving them.

Do-It-Yourself vs. Pre-Made Labels and Signs

Remember, that with an onsite label printer, you can simply print what you want to print, whenever you want to print it, at the point of use.

The new BBP™37 Sign & Label Printer supports safety and operations professionals to quickly create a safer, more productive facility with multi-colour and multi-shape signs and labels. The printer offers great colour and cutting capabilities as well as a simple, automatic label setup and intuitive touchscreen to make any sign on demand and on-site.

For signage to be effective, it needs to grab the attention of employees and contractors on the workfloor. Customised multicolour signage in various shapes is better able to do that. The BBP37 printer is equipped with outstanding colour and cutting capabilities. Both printers also feature ‘drop in’ consumables, automatic label setup, LAN and optional wifi connectivity or standalone use, all at a print speed of 12.7 cm per second.

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