A complete CODESYS Experience with Advantech ADAM-5560CDS IPC based I/O controller, remote I/O and HMI.

Eindhoven, July 2015 – Advantech’s new ADAM-5560CDS, is a cost efficient modular IPC controller based on CODESYS V3 embedded engineering platform equipped with an Intel Atom D510 CPU including controller specific features such as a watch dog, RAM with battery back-up and pre-installed with the real time embedded OS WIN CE6.0.

The basic unit provides space for 7 internal I/O slots (for digital and analog I/O) which can totally support applications up to 224 I/O points. Two on board Ethernet ports (2xRJ45) allow the connectivity to multiple network architectures and remote I/O components.

For additional external and long distance I/O expansion, Advantech offers a selection of various remote I/O extension units. The ADAM-5000TCP and ADAM-5000/485 can be connected through the Modbus TCP Ethernet Remote I/O LAN port or Internal RS 485 Modbus/RTU port. Both remote I/O extension units provide additional space for further 4 or 8 I/O modules. The full range of intelligent digital, analog and counter modules includes ADAM 6000 (Modbus TCP Ethernet based) series, ADAM 4000 (Modbus RTU, RS485 based series) and ADAM 2000 (wireless sensor Network I/O).

At the core of the PC based controller is the actual version of the CODESYS V3 Runtime System CODESYS Control and Visualization. The CODESYS Development system from 3S-Smart Software Solutions is the automation market standard for the development of IEC-61131-3 compliant applications. The free of charge Development system includes all the components for engineering, all 6 IEC-61131- languages, and compiler for the native machine code, a powerful debugger and a clear project configurator. Besides the pure soft logic programming capability of the CODESYS engineering tool, an integrated graphical editor allows the system integrator to develop the target visualization, which can be displayed through an additional industrial Panel Monitor connected to the internal VGA port of the ADAM-5560.

The web-based visualization option of the CODESYS Visualization enables remote access, monitoring and HMI services over the internet. A standard web-browser communicates with the web server in the controller and displays the visualization by means of HTML5. For the optional integrated Web based HMI functionality, WebVizu, Advantech provides a selection of 7” to 12” rugged and fanless browser based Touch Panel PC of the WOP-3000 series.

A Complete CODESYS Experience at an Incredible Bundle Price

Advantech is celebration it’s cooperation with CODEYS with a run of the “Advantech-CODESYS bundle” promotion in Europe. The latest promotion kicks off on July 2015 and is open for purchases until 31st of December 2015. The promotion is part of Advantech Industrial Automation Group’s ongoing efforts to offer customers in the European market with great-value deals.

The “Advantech-CODESYS bundle” promotion is focused on Advantech ADAM-5560CDS with the integrated CODESYS runtime providing a flexible and Scalable PC-Based controller solution platform for many cost effective solutions in Internet of Things (IOT) applications, in automation solutions and data acquisition and control applications in Energy and Facility Management Air and Water management, Waste Water, and Green House Automation The promotion offers Advantech customers below benefits:

• The bundle is available at 1750 EUR, 60% off the initial price
• Greater productivity with an optimized development interface
• Flexible modularity and improved re-usability through object orientation
• Simple engineering supports user-friendly controller configuration and communication.
• Full Integration of all Advantech Modbus TCP/RTU remote devices
• Free CODESYS development System supporting 6 PLC languages accordingly IEC- 61131-3 • Practice-oriented for fast creation of simple applications
• Powerful for large-scale projects and extensible by add-on tools
• Harmonized tools with consistent designs for functionality and operation
• Customizable functionality and user interface of the development environment

The “Advantech-CODESYS bundle” promotion is valid till 31st of December 2015 and includes the following Advantech products:

• 1 item ADAM-5560CDS (7-slot PC-based Intel Atom CPU Soft Logic Controller with Integrated Target Visualization)
• 2 items ADAM-5051D-BE (I/O Module)
• 2 items ADAM-5056D-AE (I/O Module)
• 2 items ADAM-5055S-AE (I/O Module)
• 1 item ADAM-5071H-BE (I/O Module)
• 1 item WebOP-3070T (Browser Based HMI for WebVisu)
• 1 item FPM-2150G (15’’ Touch Panel Monitor for TargetVisu)


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