Innovative Storage Tank Protection And Monitoring

Abfad Limited provide solvent free solutions for protecting storage tanks from corrosion and leaks, both in above ground tanks and below ground tanks. They do this by applying solvent free resins to fully encapsulate the internal steel of the storage tank with 1000+ microns of product applied to create a corrosion resistant barrier.

This greatly extends the life of the storage tank, providing clients with a long term solution to the problem of corrosion, whilst at the same time providing reduced costs for maintenance and increased profits.

This solvent free internal coating of the storage tank can protect against a wide range of stored products, including petrol, diesel, and biofuels.

Providing Two Layers of Protection in Storage Tanks

Alongside this single skin internal coating, Abfad have also developed an innovative solvent free double skin tank lining system with class 1 vacuum leak detection monitoring, called Fuelvac®.

Fuelvac® double skin tank liner is the ultimate tank lining solution, preventing corrosion from impacting on the steel of the storage tank, whilst at the same time providing a safety net if there is ever a breach, so stored product will remain safely contained.

Fuelvac® is a fully monitored system, containing an interstice between the two layers of protective solvent free resin, through which a vacuum is pulled and held. This vacuum alerts the client if a breach occurs, either internally or externally, as any breach to the tank would cause a drop in the vacuum which in turn would cause the system to alarm.

The Fuelvac® storage tank leak detection system can be installed in both above and below ground tanks of any size and enables the safe and successful storage of hazardous liquids, from Hydrochloric Acid (one of the most difficult and corrosive liquids to store), to Ethanol, Crude and Petroleum products, with the potential to store almost any hazardous liquid safely and securely.

What are the Features and Benefits of Fuelvac®?

  • Fuelvac® is an engineer designed system.
  • Probably the most environmentally friendly liner available on the market.
  • Integrated 24/7 vacuum monitored leak detection.
  • Fuelvac® provides corrosion management control.
  • Protecting against internal corrosion, tank content loss, environmental pollution, catastrophic failure and potential disaster.
  • Fuelvac® can safely store Crude Oil, Petroleum and Ethanol products, Hydrochloric Acid, and many other corrosive and hazardous chemicals and liquids.
  • Providing double protection for storage tanks, as steelwork is blasted, coated and maintained in a vacuum.
  • Client is immediately alerted if a breach occurs and can plan inspection knowing the stored product is safe.
  • The speed of installation, compared to other systems, is significantly faster meaning the facility has minimal downtime.
  • In most instances of an internal breach the liner can be repaired.
  • No environmental clean-up costs.
  • No expensive tank replacement.
  • Protection of valuable assets.

For more information please visit our website at or give us a call on +44 (0) 191 543 7166 or email and Abfad’s friendly staff can discuss your problem and answer any questions you might have.

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