Advanced metal detection for challenging applications

Food processors face many pressures, including maintaining a hygienic production area, adhering to stringent regulations and standards and reducing product waste. Product inspection specialist, Mettler-Toledo, works with customers across the world to develop robust inspection programs.

One of their more recent innovations is the Profile Advantage metal detector, designed to inspect challenging applications, whilst bringing additional benefits to enhance production and quality aims.

Virtually eliminate false rejects

Challenging food products such as those with high salt or moisture content, variable temperature, or packed in metalized film can result in ‘good’ product being falsely rejected if the metal detector isn’t set up correctly or simply can’t handle the variation of the signals. This often results in lost time, a reduction in OEE and wasted money. The false rejects are due to a phenomenon called ‘product effect’, where these product characteristics create an electrical signal similar to the one metal creates when it passes through a metal detector.

The Profile Advantage Pipeline system has transformed operations at the Jewel Date Company.

Fortunately, the Profile Advantage uses innovative technology to overcome product effect to virtually eliminate false rejects, and at the same time detect up to 50% smaller irregular-shaped metal contaminants than traditional metal detectors.The Jewel Date Company in the USA recently installed three Profile Advantage systems on its production lines. Because dates are high in moisture and natural minerals, it can be difficult to detect metal.

Steve Luicci, Operations Manager at Jewel Date explains, “The Profile Advantage pipeline has completely transformed our operations. Since it handles hot date paste, we no longer need to freeze it. Also, the pipeline system improves our yield—previously, a reject meant an entire 40-pound bulk package of frozen date paste was lost. Now, the efficiency of the pipeline’s diverter valve means only a pound or two of date paste is rejected when the detector is triggered. This Profile Advantage system saves us an enormous amount of time, labor and utilities. Most importantly, it’s twice as sensitive as our previous system and has almost no false rejects.”

Complying with food and operator safety standards

Inspection devices should sit at the heart of any well-designed production process to give manufacturers complete peace of mind they are meeting all compliance requirements.

Bury Black Pudding uses a Profile Advantage metal detection system to inspect its packed black pudding rings. This helps ensure all products are free of metal contaminants, safeguarding consumer welfare and the business.

Having the right product inspection equipment installed can ensure that all standards are met, but can also further reduce product waste.

The UK’s Bury Black Pudding Company manufactures products for major supermarkets, specialty retailers and restaurants in numerous international markets, so it is essential they comply with the latest global food safety standards.

Peter Winkler, Marketing Manager at Bury Black Pudding explains, “Mettler-Toledo’s Profile Advantage help us protect our brand, increase our productivity and maintain high quality standards which are essential for keeping our BRC ‘A Star’ standard. It just works.”

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