Hydra-Cell Pumps Achieve Ultimate Metering Accuracy

Hydra-Cell Metering pumps enable users to meet or exceed API 675 performance standards with virtually pulse-less, linear flow.

These pumps achieve superior levels of accuracy, repeatability and linearity, while delivering precise, constant flow by employing unique hydraulic oil management systems.

To maintain accuracy in a hydraulically-actuated metering pump, the volume of oil on the non-process side of the diaphragm must remain constant.

Conventional metering pumps rely on vacuum sensing or mechanical activation to compensate for leakage past the plunger and may not compensate on every pump stroke. In fact the mechanical activation can be in contact with the diaphragm, causing stress on the diaphragm and potentially rupture.

Hydra-Cell pumps incorporate a replenishment valve in every piston assembly which operates on the suction stroke, thus ensuring optimum actuating oil volume on every diaphragm pressure stroke to provide superior accuracy that exceeds the performance demands of API 675.

Electronic variable speed drives or mechanical speed variators are used to control flow, replacing complex stroke adjusters and eliminating the loss of accuracy and linearity inherent in such designs.

The patented hydraulic management system of the Hydra-Cell metering pumps also protects the diagrams against dry running and vacuum or blocked inlet conditions.

Used in place of conventional diaphragm metering pumps to provide superior performance at a lower cost, Hydra-Cell metering pumps are built for durability and precision.

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