Advantages of Almatec® FUTUR Series Pumps in Semiconductor Applications

Almatec® FUTUR Series Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps were designed specifically for use in high-purity liquid-handling applications in semiconductor manufacture. FUTUR Series pumps feature a design that allows liquids to flow straight through product chambers within the center housing. This design ensures that only one side of the housing comes in contact with the liquid, which reduces the number of flow bends to only two, resulting in minimized surface area while eliminating the need for sliding parts in the product chambers, along with O-rings in the wetted area.

FUTUR pumps also feature no fastening elements, such as tie rods or lamps, with contactless cascade sealing between the product chambers improving the pump’s structural integrity. All of these design enhancements work to minimize the generation of particulate matter as the pump operates.

FUTUR Series Features & Benefits

  • Compact, simple design with few parts and a small footprint
  • Solid-block construction for long-life operation
  • All plastic models (FUTUR T, H and E) contain no metal
  • Temperature range up to 200ºC (392ºF)
  • PERSWING P® air-control system requires no lubrication or maintenance
  • Separate pulsation dampener available for all models and sizes; can be retrofitted without
  • disassembling the pump and piping
  • Self-priming and low-shear operation
  • Low operational noise levels
  • ATEX-certified

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