Alternative technologies to fluid switches: affordable, reliable and robust

Traditionally the use of float switches has dominated this market as the low cost solution for fluid level detection. Alternative technologies such as optical sensors have historically been viewed as desirable but too expensive. SST Sensing Ltd have taken the challenge to bring very reliable and robust optical fluid sensors into the market at a cost which is now comparable to float switches.

Where float switches have moving parts and can therefore be susceptible to mechanical failure or become defective due to particulate in the fluids, SST optical level sensors have no moving parts, there are very small and will reliably detect the presence or absence of fluid over many millions of cycles.

Our new key offering is to be able to price these at a level which makes them a superior alternative to float switches at a competitive. Our latest designs are very reliable and can be used in a very wide range of fluids. Our current applications include tank level controls, engine coolants, oils and other fluid level detection, leak detection in pumps, telecoms boxes and mobile phone masts, ink level detection, white goods and vending, plus many more. The can be used virtually anywhere that presence or absence of fluid is required to be known.

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