AWS Electronics Providing Full Turnkey Services For Its Customers In High Technology Markets

AWS Group

AWS Electronics Group is one of Europe’s leading specialist Electronics Manufacturing Solutions (EMS) providers, offering services for the whole electronic product life cycle from design through manufacture, to whole life service and repair. AWS Group has facilities in the UK and Slovakia in CEE offering product assembly and PCBAs.  

AWS Group provides complete turnkey solutions from concept design inputs to through life product support and responds to the various technical requirements of its customers in this high technology sector by offering specialist skills including design support; rapid prototyping; complete product assembly and testing; high-end surface mount capability; complex electro-mechanical assembly; cable and harness assembly; and through life repair and maintenance (MRO).

PCBA production

AWS has 10 Surface Mount Lines (SMT) and 24 pick and place machines across two sites, and can meet any volume requirement from one to 1,000’s. (Picture SMT area)


AWS’s FastTrack capability is unique within Europe, providing prototype and small batch assembly with an extremely fast, accurate and reliable service. The key to our manufacturing ability is an experienced and capable workforce using state of the art equipment and software. Our highly experienced operators are all able to place your fine pitched components and BGA requirements, each utilising their own PC controlled SpeedPlacer placement guide software system with its program generated directly from your original data.

Your FastTrack requirements are quoted and procured directly from your BOM to avoid the delays of MRP set-up by the AWS dedicated FastTrack team. We work with free issued parts, consigned material or carry out full procurement. Parts are received into the dedicated FastTrack Store and kitted directly to your job by the FastTrack Stores person.

Your documentation including drawings, Gerber files and specific instructions are stored and managed through the unique ‘AWS Data Control’ system. AWS will provide you with a comprehensive DfM & DfT analysis report to enhance your design process for future builds. Our engineers will review your engineering data in detail  and highlight issues that could potentially cause costly delays during production.

(Picture of Fast track rapid prototyping area)

AWS operates on an international platform with facilities in the UK and Slovakia. AWS recognise that customers in this high technology market have different needs and technical requirements. Within AWS’s manufacturing facilities different areas of specialist skills exist:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Complete product assembly & test
  • High end surface mount capability
  • Complex electro-mechanical assembly
  • Cable and harness assembly
  • Through life repair & maintenance

The AWS Group is committed to providing high technology services for the whole electronics lifecycle from design and prototyping; through manufacture, test and installation; to after sales care, such as MRO (Maintain, Repair and Overhaul).

(Picture Complex electro-mechanical assembly)

Maintain, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) capability:

AWS have a track record of undertaking MRO activities for customers and through our dedicated repair engineers we specialise in aspects of managing repairs, reverse engineering, obsolescence management and do this in a wide range of technologies and sectors.  AWS is aware that many of these MRO activities are supported by your critical and costly engineering resource.  We provide you with an opportunity to free up this valuable resource that you currently use on legacy repairs. We have gone from being just a contract manufacturer to providing services at product development stage to end of life and in particular MRO. Our skills in electronic engineering, procurement  and project management that serve us well in these traditional areas are now proving valuable at a time where our customers are restricted with capital spend and are seeking cost effective solutions to asset management.”

High technology sectors and customers.

AWS customers tend to work in leading edge, high technology environments. They require high levels of technical and engineering support. They also expect us to react and make decisions quickly and to be flexible to the demands of a constantly changing market place.


  • High Technology
  • High mix, high complexity, low to medium volume
  • Market leading
  • Service companies requiring manufacturing solutions
  • Looking at total acquisition cost
  • Fostering long term relationships
  • High growth markets


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Data Storage & Media
  • Defence
  • Environmental / Green energy
  • Industrial Controls
  • Medical
  • Oil, Gas and Mining
  • Security
  • Scientific/Instrumentation
  • Transport and Infrastructure

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