Elfab Improves The Efficiency Of Its Customers’ Stock Management To Reduce Long-Term Costs

Rupture disc specifications are often generated independently for new projects by different departments within an organisation, or by external contractors. As a result, identical or very similar specifications are created without reference to existing records or stock.

This can result in higher inventory and a larger rupture disc variety, which can be difficult to manage for even the most efficient of purchasing departments. Elfab have been offering its stock rationalisation programme to global manufacturers and blue-chip organisations across the globe to standardise current stock holding of rupture discs, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced costs.

Elfab’s stock rationalisation programme works by undertaking a full site survey looking carefully at the differences in process conditions and reviewing its customer’s existing rupture disc specifications and offering recommendations to rationalise their stock parts. Elfab’s less complex stock management process also enhances overall traceability within the system. For some plants, problems have risen due to the large array of rupture discs on site which are now unnecessary. The replacement of old complex discs with the latest designs enables obsolete stock to be removed and ensures all installations are kept up to date.

Due to high operating ratios and tighter tolerances offered by Elfab’s Opti-Gard™, boasting an industry-leading 3% tolerance and up to a 97% operating ratio, this technological reverse-acting rupture disc can replace a wide range of disc specifications to reduce purchase spend over time. By upgrading to Elfab’s Opti-Gard™, customers have the potential to eliminate up to 65% of rupture disc variation and reduce cost and stock holding significantly. Benefiting from less disc variety and greater batch quantities, Elfab’s customers will benefit from greater economies of scale with their pressure relief devices.

By implementing this gradual stock profile change in partnership with a leading manufacturer in its field, Elfab can offer a permanent solution to many common stock problems.

If you would like Elfab to conduct a site survey, or to discuss our rationalisation programme in more detail, speak to an expert today on +44(0)191 293 1234 or email pr@elfab.com.



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