2015 was a changing year at BeanAir®. After years of hard work and tremendous effort, Spacewireless® is on the market. Announced at early 2015 and released after few months, Spacewireless®, this breakthrough patent, is already shaping the sensing technology market.

Originally developed to monitor the new generation of European launcher Ariana 6,  Spacewireless® was developed to be a success key for other applications, too: Structural Health Monitoring, Flight Test Measurement, Automotive Testing, and more.

So far, this cutting edge technology has been collecting several success stories, as proven and confirmed by big players in the market such as Airbus, Zodiac Aerospace, Safran Engineering, and British Aerospace.

In fact,  Spacewireless® Wireless Sensor Networks present a reliable, ultra-low power and time-synchronized wireless system dedicated basically to dynamic measurement ( Vibration and acoustic in particular).

Taking into consideration the market needs, BeanAir® R&D department had been working hard during the last years to come out with a product that can challenge any existing technology. And the advanced features below just prove that:

  • IR Ultra-Wide Band technology with jamming awareness mechanism
  • Uncrowded frequency band: 3.5 GHz UP TO 6.5GHz
  • Deterministic wireless network:

o   Clock synchronization with high accuracy ( Less than 1µs)

o   “Store and Forward” mechanism with configurable propagation delay

And we are not done! The team is still doing its best to add new functions and features!

For more about the product, just click here: Spacewireless®



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