Cable Management and Industrial Labelling Made Easy … save time and money

Murrplastik is a one-stop-shop for all your cable management and labelling requirements, as all products are perfectly compatible – saving you time and money. We are proud of our excellent customer service record and UK based customer service team, technical support and network of regional sales engineers. It couldn’t be easier to find the solution to your unique challenges in the areas of: Cable Drag Chain Systems, Cable Protection Conduits and Fitting Systems, Robotic Equipment, Cable Entry and Cable Retaining Systems.

As pioneers in the field of high-tech products made of plastic, you will find Murrplastik cable solutions in just about every branch of industry around the world today.

Murrplastik is the world’s leading manufacturer of manual and computer-controlled labelling. Our ACS labelling systems enables you to produce your own label, our range includes plotters, engraving machines, laser systems, thermal transfer systems and industrial inkjet printers. Everything you need for inhouse production of Single wire, cable and conduit labelling, Terminal block labelling, Control gear and equipment location labelling, Control and signal unit labelling and system labelling.

Our brand new product catalogue is now available. Providing a comprehensive guide to our complete product range. Email to request a copy in the post or request an instant download link.

Murrplastik Labelling Service – let us produce your labels for you

The labelling service was introduced to service our small to mid-sized customers, those who do not have the volumes to warrant purchasing a labelling system but do have a need for durable industrial grade labels. Murrplastik Labelling Services was launched in 2016 as a one-stop label company for customers who outsource their labelling requirements.

Our label production team offer a range of labelling services, including:

◦Engraved labels

◦Thermal Transfer printed labels

◦Laser marked labels

◦Etching ink – Inkjet or Plotter technology

Call the labelling production team on 0161 728 3133 or email

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