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Introtek’s Newest Innovation for Non-invasive Liquid Level Sensing – Introtek International

Introtek International presents their latest non-invasive Continuous Liquid Level Detector (“CLM”). The CLM delivers the answer for challenging non-invasive liquid level monitoring for a variety of fixed tanks and vessels. The CLM is designed for easy install and withstands the rigorous and demanding usage often found in the industrial process automation industry. Learn more.

New ultrasonic top seal module TSM 35 – your fast way towards series production

If packaging producers specify ultrasonics as their sealing technology, the manufacturers of packaging machines are now able to integrate the appropriate technology faster and better thanks to the slim design and the standardized interfaces of the new top seal module TSM35 by Herrmann Ultraschall. Opening widths of 50 to 100 mm between the anvil and the sealing tool, i.e. the sonotrode, cater for both rotary tables and longitudinal processing designs, also in the form of multi-track lines.

Cost Effective Explosion Protection for High Temperature Applications

– Avoid costly heat and energy loss with a thermally Insulated Explosion Panel –

For safety critical applications handling hazardous materials Explosion Panels are commonly installed to protect against potentially damaging explosions. For many applications it is critical to the functioning of the vessel and performance of the product that the internal temperature is maintained. Avoiding costly heat loss while ensuring consistent flow of the process is a challenge faced by many customers with high temperature applications who require the need for reliable explosion protection.

BRAMMER Partners With Grundfos To Pump Up The Value

As part of its commitment to providing customers with the broadest possible range of quality maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products, leading supplier Brammer has announced a new partnership with Grundfos Pumps Limited, with an extensive range of pumps now stocked in its centrally-located National Distribution Centre (NDC).

BluVac: Intelligent compact unit substantially reduces energy costs

SAVE MORE THAN 55% ON ENERGY (for extruders in the plastics industry)

The new BluVac unit from Speck ABC reduces energy consumption by controlling vacuum required by the process. When less vacuum is created, less energy is being consumed. The highest energy saving is reached by using optimised calibration tools with minimal air leakage achieve the highest savings. Pre-series models of these systems reached savings of 67% by a major manufacturer of window profiles.

Starrett Core Ejector addresses an age old problem

Following comprehensive product testing and evaluation at its facility in Jedburgh, the L.S. Starrett Company is launching a cost-effective and simple solution to an age old problem. The company’s new Core Ejector for bi-metal hole saws has been designed and developed to effectively remove the slug of material that usually ends up inside the cup of the hole saw once it passes through the sheet material being cut.

Heraeus Installs First Gas Catalytic Infra-Red Oven in the UK for Customer Trials at its Neston Applications Centre

Complements Existing Range Of Electric Infra-Red Systems

Heraeus Nobleight has installed a gas catalytic infra-red oven at its Neston, Wirral, Applications Centre. This complements the range of electric infra-red systems at Neston, so that customers, and potential customers, will now, for the first time, have the opportunity of trialling their products using various infra-red technologies, to achieve the optimum process to meet their heating, curing or finishing requirements. The new oven is particularly suitable for powder coating and the Neston installation also includes a powder-coating station and an overhead conveyor to simulate real process situations. Other applications include food drying, thermo forming, textiles drying, leather curing and curing coatings on heat-sensitive substrates, such as MDF.

Measurement made easy by the most advanced gauge in the world, designed and manufactured by Eley Metrology

The Vertex VMS

This is the next generation of height gauge development, offering many unique features combined with the latest onboard software. The Vertex is verified to ISO 10360. Gauge sizes range from the A3 model (300mm/600mm) to the A10 model (1000mm/1350mm).

SCT’s Big Brother has arrived!

Increased Productivity and lower energy requirements, these 2 benefits complement each other in the latest development to SEEPEX’s Smart Conveying Technology (SCT), the innovative technology for progressive cavity pumps

In addition to the well-established 1-stage design for pressures up to 4 bar, SCT is now available in a 2-stage design for pressures up to 8 bar. The 2-stage design has the same features as 1-stage SCT: a stator split into two halves, which can be removed from the rotor without dismantling suction or discharge pipework, a quick release rotor, and an intelligent re-tensioning system.

Higher Corrosion Resistance for Hydra-Cell G35 Pump

In response to customer requests, Hydra-Cell G35 pumps are now available to order with Nickel Alloy (Hastelloy CW12MW) wet ends.

This material has excellent corrosion resistance in many chemical process environments, including hydrochloric and sulphuric acids below 52°C. Corrosion resistance is also excellent against organic acids, chloride, caustic and H2S, while the material is particularly resistant to stress corrosion cracking and localised attack.

HY-ALERTA™ 600B/610B Fixed Area Hydrogen Monitor

H2scan’s HY-ALERTA™ 600B Fixed Area Hydrogen Monitor will provide hydrogen-specific leak detection and measurement for hydrogen concentrations as low as 4000 ppm. The monitor is designed for either ceiling or wall mount and has an RS422 capability. The electronics contains all the circuitry necessary to operate the sensor and present calibrated hydrogen readings to a voltage or current analog output and an RS232 or RS422 digital output that extends the interface from the sensor to the controller to several hundred feet. H2scan’s hydrogen-specific sensor technology has no cross sensitivity to any other combustible gases, thus eliminating false positive alarms and increasing system reliability.

Status Instruments

A series of handy new free Android Apps has been developed and launched by leading UK Instrumentation company, Status Instruments Ltd.

Developed specifically for use by process engineers, the Apps are designed to assist with calibrating, configuring or testing temperature or process conditioning equipment.

Lorien Opens 2015 Graduate Applications

Lorien has announced that it is looking to recruit high performing and talented engineering graduates during 2015.  It is hoped that the new recruits will play a pivotal role in contributing to and shaping the future of the globally operating company, while also embarking on a development path leading to Chartered Engineer status.

As a division of GP Strategies Ltd, Lorien Engineering Solutions provides engineering design, project management, technical consulting and safety compliance services to manufacturing companies across the Food, Drink (including Brewing), Life Sciences and Sustainable Energy & Waste sectors.

Eurobox announces the arrival of Multi-Box enclosures to the UK

Multi-Box GMBH, Germany, is already an established manufacturer of enclosures for more than 30 years. All thermoplastic tooling is in house; this means very short lead times.

Full machining and factory customisation is also available at Multi-Box.

IT4Automation Limited

Moxa University™ have announced further dates for their series of Automation Network Courses and you are invited to take part.

Maxim Solutions launches Rapitainer

Maxim Product Solutions Ltd. designs and supplies returnable transit packaging (RTP). Maxim’s innovative products are gaining interest from both retail plc’s and industrial SME’s. The company’s unique Rapitainer is entering trials with various organisations including a ‘household name’ retail group.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and Pump System Audits

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Regulations 2014 came into force on 17 July 2014 and are a mandatory energy assessment and energy saving identification scheme for large undertakings (and their corporate groups). The scheme applies throughout the UK. ESOS Energy Audits have the potential to increase businesses profitability and competitiveness by identifying cost-effective savings which, if implemented, will improve energy efficiency. The scheme is estimated to lead to £1.6bn net benefits to the UK, with the majority of these being directly felt by businesses as a result of energy savings.

Another North Sea Coating Contract Successfully Completed

The Industry:

Oil & Gas

The Challenge:

Over the past few years, Corroserve was been awarded many pipe lining contracts for platforms in the North Sea. This latest contract, for the internal and external corrosion protection of a 36” diameter caisson was awarded to Corroserve thanks to their outstanding track record for this type of work and the premature failure of other coatings on similar structures. Carried out in Corroserve’s Leeds facility, in all the caisson and its associated pipework weighed approx. 27 tonnes and measured 30 metres in length.

Munters to Acquire HB Group

Munters and HB Group Combine Expertise and Products to Provide High Quality Air Treatment Solutions to Customers 

Munters AB last week announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire HB Group (, an international company that specializes in customized hygienic climate control systems for the food/dairy industries. HB Group has locations in Almelo, the Netherlands (headquarters, with sales and manufacturing) and a Joint Venture in Hrusky, Czech Republic (manufacturing facility).

Designing a chiller – in just four steps

Designers and technical buyers in mechanical engineering can now plan machinery and process cooling more easily than ever thanks to the new Rittal TopTherm Configurator.

The online tool will help users precisely determine the necessary cooling output, quickly select the appropriate solution, and automatically compile all the technical data –in just four steps.

“We have had more than 8,000 requests about the configurator in just three months, which underlines just how interested Customers are in the benefits it offers,” says Christian Westwood, Rittal’s product manager for climate.

Innovative Moisture Measurement Technology by INADCO

INADCO Moisture Measurement BV located in the Dutch city of Eersel is expanding with their innovative moisture meters. Novelty is the Moisturemeter II which has a patent pending. The Moisturemeter II will allow the users to have continuous measurements of moisture levels.

Since 2000 INADCO is the market leader in Europe for equipment that measures the Bulk Density of Growing Media like potting soil and peat according to the European standard EN12580.

HBM Waves to Success With Tidal Power Plant

HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – has been successfully awarded the contract to install strain gauges inside Deep Green, the latest tidal power plant from Minesto, which is the largest marine energy company in the Nordics.

As part of the rigorous development work undertaken by Minesto, HBM was able to play a key role in verifying how the plant behaved in the water and how it measured the forces to which it was exposed.

How to ensure your forklift maintenance programme is good to go

The forklift is rightly considered the workhorse of the warehouse, whether used for loading/unloading, stacking pallets onto racking or simply moving products from point A to B. This ability to multi-task means that it is an essential component in many factories and warehouses, and key to maximising performance efficiencies.

Often operating in testing conditions and relied upon for a variety of heavy lifting tasks, keeping the truck in good working order becomes a major factor to the smooth running of a business. To meet the requirements of PUWER and LOLER an annual thorough examination must be completed (similar to a car’s MOT).

Exciting Gas Analysis Products to be Showcased on New Website

UK based European Spectrometry Systems (E.S.S.) will be launching a new, application-based website soon to celebrate the introduction of its exciting recent product developments. Listening to, and collaborating with customers has always been one of the fundamental philosophies of E.S.S. product development, and this has been at the forefront of the design of the new products. Danny Smith, of E.S.S. says “First and foremost we would like to express our sincere thanks to our customers for their kind assistance in helping with our development efforts.

Sensors UK – Long Distance Lasers

Dimetix laser distance measurement sensors represent a cost effective solution not only at extreme temperatures such as -40°C, but also in harsh industrial environments. Built to exacting Swiss engineering standards their sturdy construction and pin point accuracy combine to deliver a range of market-leading solutions.

Red Lion Unveils Next Wave of Compact NT24k Gigabit Ethernet Industrial Switches

Over 100 Mixed Copper, Fiber, SFP and PoE+ Configurations Provide Full Range of Connectivity Options.

YORK, Pa., June 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Red Lion Controls, the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, today announced the addition of 18 new compact models to its N-Tron® series NT24k™ managed Gigabit Ethernet industrial switch platform. The new NT24k 10-to-14 port DIN-rail mountable switches feature Fast Ethernet, Gigabit or dual-mode fiber ports alongside eight Gigabit copper ports with optional IEEE 802.3af/at Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) support.

Heico Fasteners UK

Heico-Direct is the online shop from Heico Fasteners UK. All your upholstery supplies requirements can be purchased with secure payment and next day delivery available.

Heico Direct provides a quick and efficient form of purchasing upholstery supplies for all your upholstery repairs, hobby and DIY jobs alike.

Finder PLC

The new multi-voltage MasterPLUS interface relay from Finder is the latest addition to the popular 39 Series of fully featured interface relays that continue to push the boundaries of flexibility and space saving well beyond that of conventional relays.

Specifically, it has a multi-voltage capability to accept an input/coil voltage anywhere between 24 V and 240 V, be it AC or DC, all in the same unit. Additionally it boasts the option of Push-in terminal technology as well as an optional output fuse module, with or without LED status indicator.

Martindale Electric Provides a Flexible Solution to a Current Problem

Manx Utilities, formerly known as Manx electricity, is a Statutory Board of the Isle of Man Government responsible for providing its customers with safe, reliable, efficient and economic supplies of electricity, natural gas and clean water; as well as collecting/processing waste water, and delivering flood risk management services.

On a daily basis Manx Utilities electricians perform complex electrical tests and maintenance work to keep the systems working flawlessly.

Power & Energy Monitoring made simple with Fluke’s latest Three-Phase Energy Logger

picThe Fluke 1730 Three-Phase Energy Logger simplifies power and energy monitoring and enables you to produce simple load studies for your company’s complete facility, individual pieces of industrial plant or office departments. Simple energy surveys can be produce before and after energy saving equipment or methods have been introduced. If you are looking for support with your energy monitoring requirements then please contact our Power & Energy experts at the Test Tools Shop.

Reduce down-time, equipment failure and Energy use

Running manufacturing automation systems at high temperatures will have a major negative impact on the system’s performance and reduce its service life. By not keeping their drives at or close to their Optimum operating temperature manufacturers Risk huge consequential costs when the production line grinds to a halt as a result of system failure.

A typical electrical component’s life expectancy is approximately halved for every 10 °C increase in its ambient temperature. Controlling the temperature within enclosures is therefore critical for manufacturers
to avoid premature component failure and the consequential interruption to production if the automation system falls over.

Reduce the Risk Of Pollutants Accessing Your Drainage System

Pollution incidents associated with run-off from spills and or fire water accessing surface water drains and then accessing the wider environment are well documented, as are the fines and penalties imposed by the UK Environment Agencies. Systems available to combat this range from simple response measures such as drain covers right up to interceptor systems which normally involve some form of civil engineering which can be disruptive and costly.

TCM – The New Force in Forklifts

TCM is the dealer-driven brand within the UniCarrier group, designed to offer localised service and support with world-class resources and technology.

TCM is ranked as one of the world’s top 10 forklift companies in terms of turnover, with exceptionally strong sales in its European market. It has recently introduced a deliberate strategy to provide a completely new forklift offer to the UK market, with sales and support channelled entirely through a comprehensive dealer network.

New 4-20mA DC clamp meter added to Fluke Connect family of wireless test tools

Fluke has introduced a Current Clamp Meter measuring 4-20mA DC that wirelessly relays measurements to other Fluke Connect™ enabled master units or the Fluke Connect mobile App. The Fluke a3004 FC Wireless DC Clamp Meter is a fully functional current clamp meter which measures 4mA to 20mA signals without “breaking the loop”. It is ideal for use by process control technicians and for industrial technicians maintaining PLCs and controls, as well as in automotive and HVAC applications.

Ambitious valve manufacturer Bifold continues to grow developing 48hr despatch for efficient and quick delivery

Bifold’s 48hr Despatch

Bifold has recently moved to larger premises in Chadderton (see below for full address) and so have been able to develop many different initiatives due to their expansion within the factory and growing workforce. The initiative that has the biggest impact for customers is that Bifold now has the capability to deliver products, configured and built to order within 48 hours.

Innovative Vacuum Solutions for Packaging and Food Processing

Vacuum technology has become a crucial element for many tasks in the food packaging and food processing industry. Many years of experience in vacuum engineering and the latest developments in pump technology gives the oil-sealed rotary vane SOGEVAC range the capability to adapt to the requirements of the industry. The comprehensive range of pumping speeds from 10 to 1200m2/h allows every customer to select the right pump for his application. The SOGEVAC range has the highest water vapour-handling capabilities on the market and PFPE variants for MAP with oxygen are also available.