CE Marking And Rating Plates Manufactured To Order

Alpha Sign Nameplate & Decal Co Ltd has launched a new website www.nameplates365.co.uk as a new one-stop shop for aluminium nameplates for industrial and engineering product marking. The new website provides easy and quick access to high-quality industrial plates such as Machinery Directive CE Marking plates, equipment ID plates, rating plates, VIN/chassis plates, VCA approval plates, BS EN 1090-1 Steel Fabricator plates, and asset tags.


In addition to the CE mark, plates can also display the customer’s logo, text in almost any font, barcodes, 2D Data Matrix codes and QR codes. At one extreme plates can be manufactured in lightweight aluminium for asset tagging while, at the other end, robust and corrosion-resistant plates can be produced for use outdoors or in caustic environments. In all cases, plates are specified and manufactured to match or exceed the life expectancy of the equipment to which they are being attached. Anodic printing ensures durability of the all-important information and means the plates maintain their good appearance.

Plates can be provided with mounting holes or, alternatively, with permanent adhesive pre-applied to the reverse. Single-colour plates are by far the most popular, but additional colours can be specified for company logos or other purposes.

Standard designs are available for Machinery Directive CE Marking plates, with fields for inserting information specific to the manufacturer and machine, or customers can have bespoke plates designed and manufactured to order, in any quantity from one-offs to large volumes. Proofs can be provided prior to production.

Plates ordered from www.nameplates365.co.uk can be shipped worldwide, with the Dublin company saying “Come for the Euro and stay for the service”. For more information about CE Marking and rating plates go to www.nameplates365.co.uk or telephone 0800 088 5227 (this is a freephone number from the UK – please mention MachineBuilding.net). Free samples are available on request.


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