Computer Aided Engineering meets rupture discs

REMBE is continually expanding its portfolio of products and services. The latest addition to its consulting and engineering services is currently REMBE CAE. Until recently any customers who needed strength certificates, tightness analyses or temperature profiles, had to get these separately from engineering firms. This is now no longer necessary. REMBE is the first company of its kind to offer CAE services, so that each customer receives not only high-quality products but also comprehensive solutions and therefore genuine added value: lower costs and specialist calculations of explosion safety and pressure venting as a guarantee for highly dependable results.

“We’ve been more than product suppliers for a long time now. Our specialists are continually on the customers’ premises, viewing their systems and developing specially tailored, cost-effective safety systems, partly also with the help of our CAE tools,” says Stefan Penno, Managing Director of REMBE GmbH Safety + Control.

“Originally CAE was used entirely for in-house purposes. However, we had such positive feedback from so many customers that we decided to intensify this service.”

So far customers have mainly requested strength calculations and tightness certificates. But REMBE’s CAE professionals are already working on a wide range of further options.

Fig. 3: Stress distribution in an assembly comprising flange, holder and rupture disc.


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